Century 21 Real Estate strengthens competitive advantage and builds team spirit using AVer video conferencing

Taipei, Taiwan – March 10, 2015 – Two branches of Century 21 Real Estate in Taiwan have implemented AVer’s video conferencing solution, using EVC130 video conferencing systems. These branches found that AVer video conferencing not only strengthened communication, but also made employee training more efficient and their workforce more cohesive.


Century 21 Real Estate is the world’s biggest real estate agent franchise, with 8,500 branches in 73 countries. When development began in Taiwan’s Touchian Redevelopment Zone, Century 21 opened the Xingfu and Fumei branches to take advantage of new opportunities there. Rather than depend on traditional long-distance conferencing tools such as Skype and telephone calls, these branches chose to lead the way in business communication by adopting AVer’s HD video conferencing solution.


In contrast to traditional communication tools, AVer’s video conferencing systems allow staff at both branches to see and hear all participants during calls, better emulating the feeling of meeting in person and thereby significantly boosting participation and communication effectiveness. AVer video conferencing also provides easy content sharing, allowing Century 21’s sales representatives to present reports to all their colleagues at once. Sales representatives also benefit from AVer’s EZMeetup video conferencing software, which lets them show properties to customers via tablets or smartphones when they are in another location. With less need to travel between the two branches, staff have realized significant time savings. Managers save even more time by using the EVC130’s one-touch recording function to record training sessions to USB drives for future use, obviating the need to repeat the same lessons for every new employee.


With the spread of smart tech and the Internet of Things, businesses need to keep their communication facilities up to date if they want to stay competitive. AVer’s video conferencing solution provides an affordable, user-friendly means of accomplishing this. In the words of Xingfu and Fumei branch manager Grace Hsueh, “Thanks to AVer video conferencing, our employees are more efficient, more dedicated, and more committed to carrying out Century 21’s philosophy of professionalism, efficiency, and internationalization than ever before.”