AVer’s new C36i charge cart offers revolutionary device management convenience

Taipei, Taiwan – April 28, 2016 – AVer Information Inc. has once again revolutionized the device management experience with its newest charge cart, the C36i. Capable of simultaneously charging up to 36 tablets, laptops or Chromebooks, this cart offers new innovations that provide greater device management ease and flexibility than ever before.


The C36i boasts AVer’s new, patented cable management design, with grips that can be locked in and hold devices’ power cables in place. With cables firmly secured users will be able to plug in devices with greater ease and speed, without having to fumble for the right cable for each device. Furthermore, the C36i’s partitions can be shifted to increase or decrease slot size, allowing users to place a range of devices with or without cases and ensuring unparalleled customizability. Partitions can even be removed so larger items can be stored in the cart as well. Users also benefit from AVer’s acclaimed intelligent charging system, which divides devices into three groups and determines the groups’ charging sequence, thereby maximizing efficiency. External LED lights help users keep an eye on the charging process.


Safety is also an important factor in the C36i’s design. The C36i’s tough steel frame and three-point locking mechanism on its front door make it all but impossible to break in, while the its lack of sharp corners helps ensure safety in environments with young children. In addition, users need not worry about damage to the cart itself thanks to AVer’s industry-leading 5-year warranty for cart electrical components and 10-year warranty for mechanical components.


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