AVer’s new 16 device L16u charge cabinet expands mobile device management possibilities for classrooms

Taipei, Taiwan – July 21, 2015 – AVer Information has launched its latest charge cabinet for tablets, the L16u (B16u). Tough, compact and easy to use, the L16u eliminates the hassles of classroom tablet management, allowing teachers to focus their energies on teaching.


Ideal for medium-sized classrooms, the L16u can charge up to 16 iOS or Android tablets. Adding a second L16u is easy for classes with more than 16 tablets due to its daisy chain feature, which lets users plug a second L16u into the first and stack one on top of the other. This in addition to the cabinet’s ultra-compact design affords users considerable flexibility for storing devices. Ergonomically friendly handles are also provided to ensure the L16u can be easily moved at a moment’s notice.


The L16u boasts several other user-friendly features. Power cable slots are provided above each device’s bay to ease cable management, along with USB ports to ensure plugging and unplugging are quick and easy. Moreover, each bay is wide enough to fit tablets even with their protective cases on. The L16u can also act as a sync hub so teachers can easily keep all students’ tablets up to date. Also, individual LED indicators for each device allow teachers to keep an eye on devices’ charging or syncing status.


The L16u is designed to keep both students and their devices safe. It is built from tough, durable steel and features a three-point locking mechanism that will deter even the most persistent thieves or vandals. Its student-safe design features include rounded edges shielded in plastic and interior door hinges to minimize the chances of injury should a child collide with the cabinet.