AVer’s PTC500 to Shake up the Auto Tracking Camera Market

Taipei, Taiwan – March 20, 2017 – AVer is proud to announce the release of its new flagship professional auto tracking camera, the PTC500. The PTC500 was awarded the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for its exceptionally innovative features. Sporting the market leading PTZ camera, target recognition and tracking capabilities, wide-angle 120° panoramic field of view (FOV), and user-friendly AcuControl software design, the PTC500 is taking auto tracking cameras to new heights. The PTC500’s innovative 2-in-1 design makes for simple setup and storage for a wide range of activities. With its market-leading quality and customization, the PTC500 use for recording and streaming conferences, large seminars, or broadcasting important educational lectures a simple and enjoyable experience.


The PTC500 comes equipped with the powerful 2-megapixels PTZ camera boasting a market leading 30X optical zoom. The top of the line camera makes it perfectly suited for capturing crystal clear speeches in large auditoriums. In addition, the PTC500 sports a 120° panoramic camera at its base allowing it to capture rooms of all shapes, types, and sizes.


The PTC500 incorporates AVer’s Intelligent Tracking Technology allowing for high tracking accuracy and maximum control of the display. The Intelligent Tracking technology’s target recognition capabilities let presenters freely move without the inconvenience or irritation of an attached infrared (IR) transmitter.


The easy to use AcuControl Software and design of the PTC500 make setup and installation simple. AcuControl allows users to adjust settings and preview video ahead of time, while giving complete camera control to the operator if needed.