AVer video conferencing helps Egypt’s Ain Shams University advance telehealth

Taipei, Taiwan – August 13, 2014 – AVer recently joined with Egypt’s respected Ain Shams University to allow a hundred doctors to watch a live medical procedure remotely through an AVer video conferencing system. This innovative partnership demonstrates the potential of AVer video conferencing to promote telehealth, the market for which is expected to grow from US$13.8 billion in 2012 to US$35.1 billion in 2018, according to BCC Research.


Doctors at Ain Shams University’s El Demerdash Hospital wanted to demonstrate a new method of intestinal endoscopy to a hundred visiting doctors, and AVer video conferencing systems provided by AVer’s Egyptian partner TATAS turned out to be the perfect solution. The doctors at El Demerdash Hospital used the systems’ content sharing function, available on all AVer video conferencing systems, to transmit the output from the endoscope to a lecture hall without interrupting the live image of the participants. This way, all one hundred doctors could watch the procedure live while communicating with the doctors in the operating theater.


All those involved were impressed by the video conferencing systems’ audio and visual quality, and found them easy to set up and use. Should doctors want a record of a demonstration for later use, they can use the systems’ straightforward one-touch recording capability to save the video to a USB drive, allowing for easy integration with other devices. Furthermore, AVer’s videoconferencing systems have the market’s best price-to-performance ratio and come with a market-leading three year warranty, making telehealth a viable option for a wider range of institutions than ever before.


“Ain Shams University’s experience shows the power of AVer video conferencing,” said AVer president Andy Hsi. “Telehealth is an important trend that medical schools need to tap into, and AVer can help them do that at an affordable price. We are proud to help promote the spread of medical knowledge throughout the world.”

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