AVer Upgrades Advanced Pro AV Auto Tracking Cameras with USB Connectivity

Taipei, Taiwan – March 30th, 2021 – World-leading education technology solution provider AVer Information Inc. has released two new Professional Tracking Cameras that cut through typical complicated Pro AV configurations with simplified connectivity. The PTC115+* and PTC500+ Auto Tracking Cameras offer USB connectivity that streamlines major broadcasting productions and allows teachers to quickly connect to video conferencing software for a distance learning class or video producers to connect to broadcasting software for a live show.


In addition to the new USB connection, the PTC115+ features a wide array of useful features. Dual 120° lenses broadcast every detail with the help of a 15X optical zoom and ultra-smooth PTZ movement. The dual-lens design also enables AVer’s innovative AI Auto Tracking functions that give freedom to presenters. The PTC115+ automatically tracks presenters on and off stage with Wide Area Tracking, without extra wearable sensors that annoy speakers and are always in danger of losing power or malfunctioning. The camera’s Multi-Presenter Detection function ensures tracking accuracy is maintained even when multiple people present at the same time.


The PTC500+ offers everything the PTC115+ does, with a few valuable additions. A 30X optical zoom lens captures even more detail, and the PTC500+ offers two unique tracking modes to go along with wide area tracking. Stage Tracking follows presenters wherever they move on a platform or at the front of the room. Segment Tracking moves with presenters through preset zones. This ensures that notes on whiteboards or various 3D models are the main focus, instead of lecturers.


Free software add-ons take the PTC500+ and the PTC115+ to new levels of efficiency and versatility. AVer’s PTZ Management (for Windows), PTZ Control Panel (for iPad), and a user-friendly web UI offer convenient management. CaptureShare allows users to integrate an AVer visualizer with their Pro AV device to livestream and record engaging content. Moreover, CaptureShare offers multiple choices of display layouts. Users can choose between showing their desktop only, viewing videos from one or two cameras, and even picture-in-picture mode. These features make streaming videos livelier than ever before.


AVer’s new PTC115+ and PTC500+ make Pro AV content creation accessible to users in any industry, enhancing government, education, sports and entertainment, house of worship, enterprise, and health care productions of all sizes.



*The PTC115+ is only available in select markets. Please contact your local distributors for more details.

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