AVer unveils feature-packed dual-band wireless visualizer, perfect for mobile learning

Taipei, Taiwan – May 19, 2015 – AVer has launched the world’s most versatile visualizer (document camera) yet, the AVerVision F70W. The F70W is an indispensable tool for creating mobile learning lessons that can engage students in a wide variety of settings.


Teachers can stream the F70W’s vivid images in full HD 1080p 30fps wirelessly via a 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz wireless network, or through an HDMI connection. Wireless streaming allows teachers to control the visualizer on their computer or iOS or Android tablet using AVer’s Sphere2 software from anywhere in the room, opening up a whole new range of teaching possibilities. For example, teachers can pass the F70W among students, letting them show their work to the whole class without leaving their desks. Teachers using tablets also gain the freedom to move around the classroom as they please, allowing them to help students at their desks and leading to improved class management and learning outcomes.


The F70W comes with a range of powerful presentation features. Its flexible gooseneck arm lets users display objects from nearly any angle, while its 8X zoom capability can show hard-to-see details and its greater-than-A4 shooting area can easily fit most objects or books in a single image. With HDMI input, switching to full HD images from other sources is fast and convenient. Image or video recording is also available using onboard controls or the Sphere2 software.


Using the F70W and Sphere2 with AVer’s ClassSend app lets teachers easily engage the whole class in every lesson. Teachers can use Sphere2 to send images from the F70W to students’ devices, while students receive the images and annotate them using ClassSend. Students can then send the images back to their teacher to be shared with the whole class. Teachers can also “flip” their classes by using the F70W and Sphere2 to record lessons and upload them to YouTube, Facebook, Picasa or other content sharing sites for students to view outside class.


With the F70W, AVer has created the ideal visualizer for a plethora of classroom activities that make learning more exciting and effective for students, while simplifying class management and preparation for teachers.