AVer strengthens EVC Series by offering up to 10-points video conferencing

Taipei, Taiwan – June 5, 2014 – AVer, a global provider of education and business solutions, has released two new video conferencing systems; the 4-points EVC300 and 10-points EVC900. Participants in the meetings can continue to enjoy full HD 1080p video streaming as well as the array of other features expected from an AVer system.


Both of these new systems offer full HD content sharing, so users can see content in greater clarity than ever before. The Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera, offers an impressive 16X optical zoom, so users can view anyone in the room no matter where they are located. Other handy features include the voice activated layout switch which causes the dominant speakers screen to be automatically enlarged, making it very clear who is speaking and avoiding the problem of participants inadvertently talking over each other.


AVer's industry first one-touch recording, allows users to record video, audio and shared content directly to a USB and the patented microphone array combines proprietary technology, ingenious hardware design and sophisticated audio processing to produce clear, true-to-life sound. Users can also download AVer's mobile apps to enjoy video conferencing on the go, ensuring that all users are reachable regardless of where they are.


The range of models in the EVC Series are all H.323 and SIP compatible, including the point-to-point EVC100, EVC130, EVC130P, the 4-points EVC300 as well as the 10-points EVC900, meaning users are guaranteed to find a video conferencing system that is just right for them. The EVC Series differs from other video conferencing systems because users get value for their money. Moreover, a system that is easy to use, offers excellent quality video conferencing and the convenience of being able to connect anywhere at any time with AVer’s series of apps, makes AVer video conferencing the number one choice for SMBs.