AVer rolls out next-generation C30i and C30u mobile device charge carts

Taipei, Taiwan – April 15, 2015 – Building on the success of its first generation of charge carts for mobile devices, AVer has released two new carts: the C30i and C30u. These carts provide an even more compact, user-friendly design than previous models, ensuring maximum ease for schools and other institutions with large numbers of mobile devices.


The C30i is capable of charging up to 30 tablets, Chromebooks or laptops of up to 14” in length, making it perfect for classrooms with a wide variety of devices. It features an intelligent charging system that divides devices into three groups and monitors each group’s power requirements, thereby preventing overloads, while ensuring devices with the least power are charged first and that fully charged devices are not drained while plugged in. The C30i also has LED indicators that allow users to keep track of which groups are fully charged.


The C30u is ideal for classrooms with iOS or Android tablets or smart phones, with space for up to 30 devices. A USB port is provided in front of each device’s bay, making plugging and unplugging quick and hassle-free. In addition, the C30u can act as a sync hub, with LED indicators provided for each device so users can easily tell when charging or syncing is in progress.


Both the C30i and C30u are carefully designed to be secure, safe and ergonomically friendly. They both boast sturdy steel frames and doors bolstered by three-point locking mechanisms, sure to deter theft. Devices are placed on slide-out shelves so placing and removing them is totally stress-free. They are also child-safe, with rounded edges, brakes and wall mount hooks to ensure accidents are avoided. Moreover, both carts are much more compact than previous models, allowing easy storage even in cramped environments.


The C30i and C30u are the next step in AVer’s efforts to help schools and workplaces adapt to the mobile era as smoothly as possible. With a plethora of thoughtful features that ease device management, AVer charge carts let users maximize the benefits of large-scale mobile device deployments while minimizing the hassle.