AVer revolutionizes the classroom with the AVerVision W30, the world’s first standalone wireless visualizer

Taipei, Taiwan – January 10, 2012 – AVer (TWSE: 3669), a major global provider of presentation, video conferencing and surveillance solutions, announces the release of the world’s first standalone wireless visualizer (document camera), the Taiwan Excellence Award-winning AVerVision W30. As a compact visual presentation tool that can be used anywhere within the classroom, by both students and teachers, the AVerVision W30 transforms presenting live high-resolution video into an exciting and integral part of the lesson.


The AVerVision W30 is specifically designed to maximize the classroom learning experience in a new, stimulatingly interactive role that frees the visualizer from a static position on a teacher’s desk. The educational potential of this can be seen in group work where the compact portable visualizer is passed from group to group. Each group can then share the results of its experiment, display a circuit, show diagrams, explain projects, and so on from anywhere in the room.


Taking this flexible approach further is the ability to simultaneously view a second input which could be a second visualizer for direct comparison, computer for presentation of prepared slides or online material, or even an iPad / tablet. The AVerVision W30's real-time 30fps frame rate and full HD1080p resolution mean it delivers clear, lag-free live images so that students and instructors can show detailed procedures, demonstrate chemical reactions, or bring live subjects such as small insects to the audience clearly on a big screen.


One of the main aims in developing the AVerVision W30 was to ensure that it combined exciting, cutting-edge technology with classroom practicality. This is why the AVerVision W30’s battery runs for a full 8-hour school day without the need to recharge, why it has an ingenious folding arm making it easy to store, and explains the versatile use of storage media. Teachers can connect USB flash drives and SDHC cards to upload images and use the one-touch capture function to save images for later reference or for use in assessments.


“Through early deployment in select markets, we’ve been able to observe the W30 changing the dynamics of the classroom and improving levels of interactivity right before our eyes. With the W30, the students’ work is as much part of the learning process as the teacher’s prepared materials, helping to break down mental barriers, motivate students, and improve understanding.” said James Chang, President of AVer Information Inc.