AVer opens new chapter in mobile device management with award-winning, 12 device L12i (B12i) charge cabinet

Taipei, Taiwan – April 28, 2015 – AVer has launched its first charge cabinet for mobile devices, the L12i (B12i). Winner of the prestigious Red Dot product design award, the L12i (B12i) integrates numerous design features that allow users to enjoy all the benefits of mobile device deployments without any of the hassle.


The L12i (B12i) can charge up to 12 tablets, laptops or Chromebooks up to 14” long, ensuring easy management regardless of whether students have the same type or a wide variety of devices. If users need to charge more than 12 devices, they can easily expand by plugging a second L12i (B12i) into the first and stacking one on top of the other. The L12i (B12i)’s ultra-compact design makes storage easy even when space is at a premium, and built-in handles ensure it can be moved at a moment’s notice.


Safety and security are important considerations in the L12i (B12i)’s design. Its sturdy steel structure and three-point locking mechanism provide ample protection against theft and vandalism. In addition, its edges are rounded and shielded in plastic and its doors have interior hinges to keep the risk of injury for children to a minimum.


With the L12i (B12i), schools and other institutions can enjoy more flexibility in choosing the device management solution that is right for them. This represents yet another advance in AVer’s quest to make using mobile devices in schools and workplaces as effortless as possible.