AVer launches versatile Cam520 and Cam530 USB PTZ cameras for business applications

Taipei, Taiwan – November 23, 2015 – AVer has further bolstered its business communication solution with two new, powerful cameras: the Cam520 and Cam530 Conference Cameras. With their excellent visual quality and simple design these cameras are perfect for numerous professional uses.


The Cam520 and Cam530’s plug-and-play USB connection offers supreme versatility. Either camera can be used with nearly any popular web- or software-based video conferencing platform simply by connecting it via USB to a laptop or desktop computer. Furthermore, both cameras can be easily integrated into business video systems or used for applications ranging from monitoring assembly lines to broadcasting performances. The Cam530 further provides the option of an HDMI connection, so video can be directly displayed on a monitor for convenient viewing even from a distance.


Both the Cam520 and Cam530 offer up to full HD 1080p video output at 60fps, ensuring lifelike quality ample for most enterprise-grade applications. Both cameras boast AVer’s state-of-the-art Pan Tilt Zoom technology, with 12X optical zoom, quick auto focus and smooth movement. Furthermore, their 82° field of view can easily take in large spaces, be they conference rooms, factory floors or performance areas. Camera control can be conducted using the popular VISCA protocol via an RS-232 connection, while AVer’s PTZApp permits detailed calibration of image quality and easy access to firmware upgrades. Both cameras’ remote controls provide up to 10 presets, so camera movements can be programmed ahead of time.


The Cam520 and Cam530 continue the expansion of AVer’s business communication solution into ever more diverse applications. With these two cameras, AVer’s cutting-edge video technology can bring a wider range of benefits to more businesses than ever before.