AVer launches high-performance ED5000 fisheye IP camera

Taipei, Taiwan – February 3, 2015 – AVer has launched its brand-new ED5000 fisheye IP camera (network camera). AVer’s first fisheye camera, the ED5000 further diversifies AVer’s IP camera lineup, allowing for more robust retail surveillance and more versatile Internet of Things applications.


The 5-megapixel ED5000 provides high-definition, live images of up to 1944 x 1944 pixels in real time. It offers a 180° panoramic or 360° surround view with no blind spots in 5 separate streams, permitting efficient surveillance of large areas that would otherwise require four cameras to cover. The ED5000 also provides five display modes and features hardware (local) de-warp, decreasing the processing burden on NVRs and increasing the overall efficiency of the surveillance system.


The ED5000 supports some of AVer’s most advanced IVA features, most notably the upcoming heat map and people tracking features. The heat map feature displays where people are more likely to walk or linger, helping retailers plan store layout and optimize merchandise placement. People tracking can follow individuals through sensitive areas, zooming in to provide a more detailed view.


With this powerful new addition AVer’s IP camera offerings are stronger than ever before, with a camera available for every application, and greater flexibility for implementing Internet of Things solutions in retail environments.