AVer brings new depth to video conferencing with EZDraw app for collaborative note taking, sketching and more

Taipei, Taiwan – July 22, 2015 – AVer Information has launched its newest video conferencing app, EZDraw. Available for free for iOS and Android devices, EZDraw is an easy-to-use tool that allows video conferencing call participants to highlight, add shapes, make notes or draw sketches on shared virtual workspaces, creating new collaborative communication possibilities for businesses of all types.


EZDraw lets users share blank canvases, image files or computer desktops with other video conferencing participants as shared content via AVer’s EVC300 or EVC900 multipoint video conferencing systems. Once an image has been shared, up to 10 participants can use EZDraw’s editing tools to add text, sketches or shapes, or highlight important sections. As each participant makes changes all other participants can see the changes appear, and multiple participants can make changes at the same time. If a record is needed the image can be exported and saved as a PNG file.


EZDraw turns far-site content and desktop sharing- video conferencing’s most popular function- into a collaborative activity. Whereas exchanging ideas in traditional presentations is limited to prepared materials and verbal discussion, EZDraw makes it possible for participants to use text and other visual tools to build on each other’s ideas in real time. The result is smoother discussions where everyone is better able to understand others and be understood. Moreover, when not conferencing EZDraw can also be a handy virtual whiteboard, useful for writing and sketching ideas throughout the day.


EZDraw is available for download from the App Store for iOS v8.0 or later, on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or later devices; or from Google Play for devices with Android 4.4.2 or later. It is compatible with EVC300 or EVC900 video conferencing systems with BOOM or later firmware upgrades.