AVer announces licensing program for upgrading EVC300 video conferencing system to up to 10-way communication

Taipei, Taiwan – January 6, 2015 – AVer’s SMB communication solution just became even more user-friendly with a new upgrade program for expanding the number of sites the EVC300 video conferencing system can connect, from 4 to 6, 8, or even 10. With this program EVC300 users can easily adapt as their video collaboration needs grow, without having to buy a whole new MCU. AVer has simultaneously upgraded its EVC300 and EVC900 video conferencing systems to support its full range of value-added software, increasing the Internet of Things functionality of the AVer video conferencing experience.


AVer’s new upgrade program allows users who currently need only 4 sites or fewer but might want to add more later, or who want to connect more than 4 sites but fewer than 10, to simply purchase the EVC300 and expand the number of sites it can connect as needed. All users have to do to upgrade is purchase a licensing key and enter it into their EVC300, either directly via the codec or using WebTool, and they will instantly be able to connect with up to 6, 8 or 10 sites for the rest of their EVC300’s lifetime. Users can keep expenses down by using AVer’s EZMeetup video conferencing software to join calls from the additional sites instead of purchasing extra hardware end points.


AVer has also upgraded all EVC300 and EVC900 video conferencing systems to support its free ScreenShare and VCLink software. This software allows users to share content wirelessly from PCs or mobile devices, making presentations more engaging, information-sharing more efficient and bringing AVer multipoint video conferencing into the Internet of Things era.


Users interested in upgrading their EVC300 can contact their local AVer video conferencing reseller for more information.