AVer and TrueConf Partner to Provide Interoperable Video Conferencing Solutions

AVer and TrueConf are excited to announce their partnership and the certification of AVer’s EVC and VC video conferencing systems for TrueConf’s video conferencing software. As partners, the companies will ensure simple and convenient integration between AVer’s video conferencing systems and TrueConf’s video conferencing software. AVer Information and TrueConf would like to thank Tayle, an official distributor of AVer products in Russia, for helping to achieve these great results.

As a part of their certification program, AVer and TrueConf have tested the EVC150 hardware video conferencing codec and the VC520 conference system to ensure seamless interoperability with TrueConf software. In the course of joint testing and follow-up improvements, the companies achieved full compatibility between TrueConf solutions and AVer endpoints running the SIP/H.323 protocols. In addition, AVer and TrueConf now support mutual H. 239/BFCP content sharing. Thanks to this collaborative effort, customers are now able to fully enjoy frictionless communication.


“AVer’s strong global partnerships help provide our users with the unique ability to take advantage of the best technology, while simultaneously having the expert technical support needed to succeed in a fast-paced industry,” announced AVer’s VP of Smart Industry Business Unit, Kings Wang. “As such, we look forward to working alongside TrueConf to provide users with the best video conferencing experience on the market.”


AVer believes that this new partnership with TrueConf will expand the future of video conferencing and create value for a diverse array of businesses around the world.


“TrueConf recommends AVer solutions to our clients, as Aver always provides high audio and video quality,” says Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO. “Our recent product improvements would allow TrueConf and AVer clients to use AVer’s video conferencing endpoints in their meeting rooms and effortlessly communicate with TrueConf users and vice versa.”