AVer and ClearOne Partner to Upgrade Audio and Video for Pro AV Productions

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, unveiled a new partnership with conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions provider ClearOne® on December 8. The partnership pairs AVer’s professional PTZ and auto tracking cameras with ClearOne’s BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array System and CONVERGE® Pro 2 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to deliver a premium audiovisual experience to Pro AV users in any industry.


“This collaboration between AVer and ClearOne reconfirms our commitment to providing end users with the best possible remote conferencing experience,” said AVer CEO Andy Hsi. “ClearOne’s premium audio systems perfectly complement AVer’s advanced camera technology to give customers a futuristic meeting experience.”


“We are excited to work with AVer to deliver one of the best audiovisual solutions available on the market today,” said Derek Graham, ClearOne’s Interim CEO. “With AVer’s cameras clearly capturing presenters and their materials, and ClearOne’s microphone arrays and DSPs producing crystal-clear sound, users have all they need to deliver the highest-quality experience for local and remote participants.”


Users can effortlessly mix their audio and video feeds to capture everything from auditorium presentations to remote business meetings. Here’s how:


AVer’s best-in-class camera technology focuses on every detail: The TR Series, PTC Series, PTZ300(N) Series, PTC115, PTC115+, PTC500S, PTC500+, and DL30 all work seamlessly with ClearOne’s audio system. These cameras deliver AI auto tracking and preset tracking features to let users stream every detail of presentations to remote participants or record content for later use.


AVer’s PTZ Link software connects the cameras to ClearOne’s audio system: The bridge between AVer’s camera technology and ClearOne’s audio system is AVer PTZ Link. This software lets you turn AVer PTZ cameras into voice tracking cameras through preset areas and ClearOne’s microphone configuration.


ClearOne’s BMA 360 picks up every word and the CONVERGE® Pro 2 puts everything together: The BMA 360 easily fits into or on the ceiling and uses frequency-invariant, deep sidelobe beamforming technology to gather every word from presenters, while the CONVERGE Pro 2 with echo and noise cancellation along with feedback elimination provides a platform for automatically mixing audio for the ultimate in natural and full-fidelity audio regardless of where participants are located in a meeting space.


About ClearOne

ClearOne is a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions. The performance and simplicity of its advanced, comprehensive solutions offer unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability. Visit ClearOne at www.clearone.com.