AVer adds versatile new AVerVision F50HD to visualizer lineup

Taipei, Taiwan – September 2, 2014 – AVer unveils its brand-new flexible arm visualizer (document camera), the AVerVision F50HD. The AVerVision F50HD continues AVer’s tradition of user-friendly visualizers with top-notch image quality and an abundance of features.


The AVerVision F50HD features AVer’s signature gooseneck flexible arm, which can be conveniently manipulated to position the camera anywhere around an object, and 8X optical zoom and 200X total zoom that can easily pick out minute details. Its HDMI output provides vibrant full HD 1080p images, and with its VGA output ensures that it can connect to nearly any monitor or projector. The F50HD also provides HDMI input, so switching to full HD images from other sources is fast and convenient. Other handy features include a shuttle wheel for easy zooming and menu navigation, and onboard annotation that can enrich any lesson.


The AVerVision F50HD and AVer’s Sphere2 software and ClassSend app can be used together to make classes even more engaging. Using Sphere2 and ClassSend teachers can send the F50HD’s images to students, who can make notes before returning them to the teacher. What’s more, Sphere2 lets teachers upload visualizer images and recordings onto the Internet for students to study or review, making AVer’s visualizers and software the perfect tools for flipping your classroom.


AVer’s classroom solutions draw on extensive experience with educational products and provide an engaging, user-friendly means for teachers to integrate technology into their lessons and take tablet learning to its full potential.