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AVer and Sennheiser Announce PTZ Link, MT300(N), and TeamConnect Ceiling Medium Microphone Integration

Taipei, Taiwan – November 28, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology and Pro AV solutions, is thrilled to announce the latest exciting new product in its partnership with a leading audio innovator, Sennheiser. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the world of video collaboration and presentation technology, bringing together AVer's PTZ Link software & cutting-edge MT300(N) Matrix Tracking Box, and Sennheiser's exceptional TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M) microphone.


The integration of AVer's PTZ Link and the MT300(N) with Sennheiser's TCC M promises to revolutionize the presentation and conferencing experience, offering unmatched voice and presenter tracking capabilities and ensuring superior audio and video quality.


Sennheiser's TCC M is designed to cater to mid-sized meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, with an impressive coverage of up to 40 square meters. With exceptional functionality and an elegant design it can be seamlessly integrated into a conference room or lecture space to provide superior audio quality for both onsite and remote attendees.


AVer's MT300(N) Matrix Tracking Box complements Sennheiser's TCC M microphone’s capabilities, which are further bolstered by the built-in PTZ Link Premium software. This integration allows AVer's Pro AV cameras to seamlessly switch focus between different speakers, providing an exceptional and dynamic video presentation experience. As a multimedia device, it transforms the audio-visual experience and makes a perfect fit for a multitude of different environments and situations.


Charlie Jones, Global Alliance & Partnership Manager at Sennheiser, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership, and is quoted saying: "Our TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions are transforming video collaboration experiences, by making it easier than ever for both presenters and listeners to focus on the speaker and the information they share. Thanks to the power of the embedded beamforming technology, all participants can enjoy lectures, speeches, and more - without worry of losing sight of the speaker or having to adjust their camera."


Stanley Cheng, Vice President at AVer Information Inc., underlined the importance of voice tracking in audio-video events, stating, "Voice tracking has become the must-have feature for lectures, performances, and even classes. AVer’s PTZ Link software and the integration of our cameras with Sennheiser microphones allow us to offer transformational video and audio experiences for our customers and their audiences."


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