AVer Honored with Four Taiwan Excellence Awards across Education, Healthcare, and Video Conferencing

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning video collaboration and education technology solutions provider, has won four titles in the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award with its communication technology offerings. Among the four AVer products, the MD330U medical-grade PTZ Camera, was further shortlisted as a runner-up for Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. A total of 348 winners from 1,109 products have been selected, of which 30 products will continue to compete for the top honor.


The four award-winning products include:


      • MD330U Medical Grade PTZ Camera
      • Targeting telemedical scenes like live surgery broadcasts and Tele-ICU patient monitoring, this versatile PTZ camera can work as an instant upgrade to any mobile nursing workstation or a standalone clinical camera for exceptional reach and flexibility. Coupled with a 4K sensor and removable camera head, healthcare professionals can get close-up images of patients at different angles wherever they are providing care. In addition, an embedded audio system with speakerphone and noise reduction supports clear communications.


      • VB342 Pro 4K PTZ Video Bar
      • The all-in-one video bar delivers exceptional audio and video quality for enterprises for mid-sized meeting spaces. Loaded with advanced features like Smart Gallery, Smart Speaker, Gesture Control, and Audio Fence, the VB342 Pro brings unrivaled meeting experiences rarely seen in its class.


      • CAM550 4K Dual Lens Video Conferencing Camera
      • The flagship camera comes standard with a dual 4K lens, which guarantees a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The first camera with full PTZ functionality frames all attendees automatically, while the second lens provides a panoramic view of the room. Picture-in-picture functions to simultaneously view the speaker and a panoramic view of the room. Thanks to the built-in AI, gesture control makes camera operation as easy and intuitive as holding up one finger on either side of your face. Meetings are safer when all touchpoints are eliminated.


      • DL10 Distance Learning Tracking Camera
      • The lightweight, portable design makes DL10 a favorite for educators to start a teaching session anywhere, anytime. Its Full HD resolution and a 2 megapixels camera deliver reliable image quality even under challenging contexts, such as mobile teaching or a hybrid classroom. No more add-on sensors or devices are required as the built-in AI does the tracking work to keep the teacher on the screen and in focus. Even remote students can follow along without any problem.

The Taiwan Excellence Awards, since 1993, has been recognized as one of the significant awards that bring many world-class products “made in Taiwan” to the global spotlight. A rigorous and stringent selection system covers four aspects of R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing to identify outstanding products. Only locally made products that demonstrate “Innovative Value” in the four aspects can be qualified as award winners. AVer is proud to receive this highly esteemed award for its industry-leading innovations at Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023.