About Us


About AVer Information Inc.

Founded in January 2008, AVer is a leading developer and manufacturer of education technology and visual collaboration solutions. With a large portfolio of products ranging from visualizers and mobile device charge carts to HD video conferencing systems and conference cameras, AVer’s products have a meaningful impact on the way we communicate and educate. At AVer we are determined to provide smart solutions that don’t just satisfy the needs of our customers, but exceed their expectations as well.

Innovative Market Leader

AVer’s headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. We currently employ nearly 500 people across the globe, with professional R&D staff representing 30% of our worldwide workforce. We have used this wealth of technical and design expertise to obtain over 195 patents for a comprehensive range of technologies. AVer has become a successful creator of smart solutions by satisfying clients through technological innovation and excellent quality. To date, AVer products have received numerous international awards, such as the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award from Germany, the CES Innovation Award from the U.S., the Worlddidac Award from Switzerland, the Taiwan Excellence Award, and the Good Design Award from Japan.


Corporate Mission and Values

Corporate Mission

We aim to enhance humanity’s ability to communicate and learn, and are deeply committed to contributing to society.

Corporate Values

Being Down to Earth
We stand on solid ground to ensure every aspect of all that we do is done well. We endeavor to perfect our core business to become a respectable global leader.

Creating Value
We believe in being innovative and applying our corporate values in what we do. We believe in sustainable advantages to ensure long- & short-term development.

Devoting Ourselves
We are passionate about creating an ideal workplace for realizing one’s potential. We unite to achieve great things through unselfishness and serving other people.

Serving the Community
We are committed to giving back to society and sharing profits with stakeholders. We respect life and endeavor to raise people’s standard of living within our power.


Organization Chart and Functions

Department Functions
Audit Office Overall supervision of the Company's management system, follow up and examine the effectiveness of such implementation.
Chairman Office Responsible for the company’s overall operating performance.
President Responsible for BUs and R&D unit’s operating performance.
Education BU、Smart Industry BU
  1. In charge of the blueprint for the future development of the company's products.
  2. Distribution of overseas selling locations and marketing resource planning.
  3. Planning and implementation of branding strategies.
  4. Setting up selling price and collecting competitor’s product information.
  5. Responsible for the market exploration and the achievement of sales goals.
  6. Supporting and assisting overseas branches with product sales.
RD Center
  1. Design and integration of product’s hardware and software.
  2. Planning and Innovation of new products.
  3. Developing product verification test plan and providing the execution.
  4. Offering analysis, solution and improvement of product abnormalities.
Finance Div.
  1. In charge of company’s finance, accounting, stock affairs, etc.
  2. Setting up division’s annual goals and collateral projects.
PR Office In charge of all the relevant affairs between the company and stakeholders.
IP & Legal Office Overall management of contract review, litigation and consulting.
MIS Dept.
  1. Overall management of computers, internet and application system.
  2. Setting up its annual goals and budget.
  3. Promoting computerization to integrate information.
HR Dept.
  1. Overall management of human resources.
  2. Setting up division’s annual goals and collateral projects.
Manufacturing Operation BU
  1. Planning and implementation of annual project and budget.
  2. Long-term goal planning for engineering, production and production management and implementation supervision.
  3. Responsible for factory personnel, equipment, plant and asset security.


Michael Kuo
Michael Kuo
Chairman, AVer Information Inc.

Michael Kuo, founder and chairman of AVer Information Inc., manages global sales and corporate branding strategies. He aims to build AVer into the premier global provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions by providing clients with the most advanced technology and customer service possible.

  • Ph.D. of International Business, National Taiwan University
  • Master of International Business, National Taiwan University
  • Master of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University
Andy Hsi
Andy Hsi
CEO, AVer Information Inc.

Andy Hsi is the CEO of AVer Information Inc. His responsibilities are to chart the direction of AVer Information Inc. towards education and visual collaboration applications, to build up staff competence to a world-class level and to expand the global application market. Andy majored in multinational operations. Before he joined AVer, Andy was responsible for foreign subsidiaries operation and foreign corporate services experience in the ICT industry.

  • Master of International Business, National Taiwan University
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology
Dave Chiu
Dave Chiu
CFO, AVer Information Inc.

Dave Chiu currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of AVer Information Inc. He is responsible for the management of corporate finance, accounting, and tax.

  • Master of Accountancy, National Cheng Kung University
  • Bachelor of Public Finance, National Chengchi University

Solutions and Products

Classroom Technology

AVer provides schools with the latest and the best in classroom technology, offering a range of products that allow educators to mix and match and create the solution that’s best for them. With AVer technology schools can bring the latest educational advances to their students with no effort, including flipped learning, interactive learning, and distance learning. AVer’s range includes a variety of HD visualizers (document cameras) for every environment; charge carts for tablets, Chromebooks and laptops; interactive teaching software; and distance learning systems.

  • Charge & Sync Carts AVer also provides schools with handy mobile device management solutions in the form of its charge carts and cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes, these carts and cabinets not only provide a convenient charging and storage solution, they can also keep devices secure from theft or vandalism thanks to their sturdy steel frames and three-point locking mechanisms. Moreover, they boast a number of ergonomic features that ensure maximum ease of use for teachers, as well as design elements that keep them safe for environments with small children.

  • Distance Learning With distance learning students can meet people from different cultures or take courses from other schools without leaving their classroom. AVer distance learning solutions provide schools full HD video, high-fidelity sound, and a range of features that allow students to have lifelike interactions with peers or others in different schools or even countries. AVer visualizers (document cameras) can also be integrated into distance learning for vibrant presentations. Classes can be easily recorded using AVer’s one-touch recording function.

  • Visualizer (Document Camera) AVer visualizers (document cameras) combine high-quality video with innovative functions and a user-friendly design to create a stunningly vibrant presentation experience. AVer has visualizers for every type of situation: wireless visualizers can be easily moved around the classroom, USB visualizers are compact yet powerful, flexible arm visualizers can present objects from any angle, mechanical arm visualizers are exceptionally sturdy, and platform visualizers integrate a lightbox and high-powered optical zoom.

  • Classroom Software AVer’s Sphere2 software provides intuitive tools for lesson creation, class prep, recording and more. Teachers can effortlessly integrate a range of teaching methods into their lessons, such as 1-1 device deployments, flipped learning, blended learning, and traditional curriculums. In addition, Sphere2 enables teachers to more easily access a number of visualizer functions, allowing for more vivid annotations, engaging presentations and classroom interaction. Teachers can even send images to students’ devices, after which students can add their own annotations and send the images back to the teacher.

Connected Health

Aiming to reduce the overall cost for healthcare systems and bringing carefree life to all, AVer’s Connected Health Solutions are created from our deep dedication to understanding market demands, discovering unmet needs and building core technologies. We provide top-of-the-line cameras with patient-centered design and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, as well as optics and image processing technologies for the applications of Telehealth, Telemedicine, Tele-ICU and OR Live Surgery Broadcast. Not to mention our cameras also offer intuitive user interface and value-added software. AVer’s Connected Health Solutions can connect people efficiently and help fulfill clinical needs while provide timely care to patients in different clinical settings.

Business Communication

AVer continues improving video conferencing’s vertical integration and application design of software and hardware to hold a point-to-point or multipoint meeting. Users can communicate mutually through the video conferencing system. Through the usage of mobility software coupled with multipoint video conferencing system, we extend the traditional meeting from conference room to desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Besides, EVC family equipped with a PTZ camera and a microphone array provides real time, clear image and sound, which allows business users to hold a whether small or large video conference as smooth as face-to-face meeting.

  • USB Conference Camera AVer VC family includes professional cloud-based conference cameras and portable all-in-one conference cameras, which allow users to get rid of complicated devices of traditional video conferencing system. With our software, we provide you high-quality conference experience. As most of our video conferencing application, users only need a USB connection to have a crystal clear and smooth video conferencing experience.

  • Point-to-Point, Multipoint Video Conferencing System AVer EVC family offers point-to-point and multipoint video conferencing systems. It’s also compatible with a variety of professional video conferencing equipment in all kinds of meeting rooms, and is suitable for real time, multi-site meeting. In addition, the zoom lens offers a broader horizon while highly sensitive microphone arrays detect and identify different voices so that all the participants can be clearly recorded.

ODM / OEM Service

AVer R & D team dedicated to product design and innovation. To understand customers' expectations on all the relevant details and to satisfy their needs are our philosophy. With innovative technology and excellent service, we provide high quality OEM / ODM services and technology to meet the needs of education and business users.


Global Presence and Service

From our headquarters in Taiwan, AVer is committed to providing and developing superior and innovative solutions for customers in every corner of the world. We have 12 international offices and local representatives on four continents around the globe, in the US, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, our extensive network of distribution channels allows us to provide useful and affordable education and video collaboration products to customers in over 100 countries. Our far-reaching international presence empowers us to serve customers on a global scale with unsurpassed service and support.

With a global company, comes global responsibility and thus AVer continuously strives to ensure a cleaner environment and to serve the needs of the local community wherever we are located. Situated in AVer’s headquarters, our factory adopts cell-type lean production, allowing us to be highly flexible to change product lines quickly, making us ideally suited to manufacture a wide variety of low-volume products. AVer’s production line engineers engage in NPI (New Product Introduction) activities during the early stages of product development and undertake corresponding preparations. Due to our in-house fixture-making capability, the engineers can be ready for mass production quickly and efficiently.

For excellent quality and operation control, AVer’s production line implements the Six Sigma methodology allowing us to reduce waste and therefore costs. For complete traceability, production history is stored in the Shop Floor Information System. With all the necessary mechanisms readily implemented in the production system, we look forward to providing highly-efficient manufacturing services to our clients.

World-Class Quality Delivery

Our factory, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, IECQ QC 080000, & Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), ISO 13485, RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), WEEE 2002/96/EC, ErP 2009/125/EC and SONY Green Partner certified. Through the adoption of these strict standards, AVer strives to maintain its high-quality of operation, minimize waste and provide a safe working environment for its employees.

We exercise great control over the use of hazardous substances by only manufacturing products that are RoHS compliant. Moreover, our internal quality-control criteria are routinely updated to stay aligned with the most current international standards and to meet the demands of ever more environmentally conscious consumers.



  • 2021

  • AVer Ranks 8th in Brand Performance in CommonWealth Magazine’s Taiwan Top 2000 Survey

  • Bay Area News Group Names AVer Information Inc. a Winner of The Bay Area Top Workplaces 2021 Award

  • 2020

  • AVer TR530 won Tech & Learning 2020 Awards of Excellence and ISTE2020 Best of Show Award.

  • AVer VC520 Pro and CAM520 Pro Awarded in the 12th Annual 2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards®

  • 2019

  • AVerVision M15W (wireless visualizer) won Taiwan Excellence Gold Award

  • 2018

  • AVer Received Taiwan Excellence Achievement Award by the MOEA.

  • AVer’s CP3 Series Interactive Flat Panel won Tech & Learning’s “Best of Show” at ISTE 2018

  • 2017

  • Set up Vietnam Office to serve local and neighboring Southeast Asian markets.

  • AVer PTC500 Professional Auto Tracking Camera won Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.

  • 2016

  • AVer Received Tech & Learning's Stellar Service Award for 'Best Sales Support'.

  • 2015

  • AVer Received Tech & Learning's Stellar Service Award for 'Best Tech Support'

  • 2014

  • Obtained ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices Quality Management System certification

  • Ranked as ”Grade A+” in 12th Information Disclosure Evaluation by Securities and Futures Institute.

  • AVer named one of the 20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers of 2014 by CIO  magazine

  • 2013

  • Ranked Taiwan’s Top 50 Corporate Citizens in the medium-sized enterprises by CommonWealth Magazine

  • 2012

  • Obtained Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by Customs

  • 2011

  • Listed on the TW stock exchange (code 3669)

  • AVer Tucheng Building began operating

  • Post new English name AVer Information Inc. with corporate trademark AVer

  • Completed ISO 14064-1:2006 Greenhouse Gas Verification

  • 2010

  • Obtained SONY OEM Green Partner Certification

  • Obtained certificate of IECQ QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management

  • Lunch first HD video conferencing system with direct recording and enter the field of video conferencing.

  • 2009

  • AVer Information Inc. (Japan) established in Tokyo

  • Obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification

  • Obtained OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and Safety certification

  • 2008

  • AVer Information Inc. established

  • AVer Information Europe B.V. established in Netherlands

  • Obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management certification

  • Obtained SONY Component Green Partner certification

  • AVerVision SPB350 won Taiwan Excellence Gold Award