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Why AVer Information

Talent is the most important asset to AVer Information.

In response to the rapid growth of the company’s business, AVer Information has substantially increased its demand for talented applicants. AVer is pleased to provide applicants with experience in A/V-related fields as well as those with raw, untapped potential a stage to grow and shine in their professional careers.

Our company provides the highest quality of prospective study for its employees, as evidenced by our participation in research projects with several well-respected universities; and, AVer always welcomes applications from excellent, innovative and enthusiastic graduates.

AVer Information offers profit sharing opportunities, competitive salaries and other great benefits to attract, retain and inspire talented workers.


Compensation and Benefits

Our compensation and benefits scheme is comprised of a base monthly salary, three annual bonuses corresponding to major Chinese holidays, profit sharing, and performance bonuses which are subject to individual performance and organizational performance results as well as company profits.

Insurance plans and health management

In accordance with the National Labor Standard Law, AVer Information provides partial coverage for all employees’ labor insurance, health insurance and regular monthly pensions. Plus, employees are able to benefit from group insurance coverage arranged by the company that includes life insurance, accident insurance, and surgery & cancer coverage.

AVer Information has professional healthcare facilities onsite including a nurse’s station and massage room. AVer’s healthcare professionals regularly deliver important health-related information and advice, and organize various activities designed to help employees’ maintain proper health. The company arranges for employees to receive an annual check-up and regularly gives seminars on physical and mental/spiritual health in order to create a balance between work life and home life.

Our compensation and benefits scheme is comprised of a base monthly salary, three annual bonuses corresponding to major Chinese holidays, profit sharing, and performance bonuses which are subject to individual performance and organizational performance results as well as company profits.

Additional paid leave

On top of the paid time-off granted by the Labor Standards Law, the company offers additional time-off which includes paternity/maternity leave, personal paid leave, paid sick leave and so on.

Training fee reimbursement

In an effort to encourage employees to attend training seminars and show a continued thirst for learning, employees may request training fee reimbursements for events/seminars that are deemed appropriate.

Additional benefits

  • individual motorcycle parking spaces
  • employee discounts and special prices on company products
  • cash donations for weddings, funerals, newborn children & in-hospital treatment
  • a yearly company travel incentive, social activities, movie ticket coupons & special discounts on several corporate contracted stores
  • R&D incentives, patent and invention incentives, performance bonuses

Learning Development Framework

In order to create an innovative learning environment, strengthen employee’s professional skills, and enhance the learning environment of the organization, AVer Information develops comprehensive learning maps to suit each individual employee and his/her particular career plan.

The company has in place a system that builds a professional learning development roadmap for each employee based on the company’s organizational strategy, the core functions of the employee’s position and his/her personal career development demands.

The company will also customize performance management plans based upon the employee’s job requirements, performance objectives and career development needs. This is done to help the employee learn and grow on the job, enriching his/her professional knowledge and skills one step at a time.

Employee training courses

AVer provides a full range of training courses based on individual needs, and our courses are conducted using multiple instructional methods. Other than standard corporate training courses, we design courses to investigate and discuss different modes of study, arrange engaging activities, and conduct case studies and group discussions, all making learning more effective. Besides, using our E-learning system, employees can participate in these learning activities anytime and anywhere.

Specialized training for production workers

We invite outstanding engineers and technical managers to give lectures and teach work methods and skills for a variety of positions all to ensure employees continue to grow and expand their understanding of their work.


Working Environment

AVer Building
AVer Building
1F Hall
1F Audiovisual Room
Audiovisual Room
1F Demo Room
Demo Room
Onsite Cafeteria
Onsite Cafeteria

Staff can always use the dining area’s presentation and audio-visual equipment for meetings or other work-related activities, making your time at work feel like enjoying afternoon tea in a café.

Sports and Entertainment
Sports and Entertainment

AVer’s offices include a gym stocked with exercise equipment, a sauna and a game room with a ping-pong table plus a basketball machine, all of which are available free of charge to employees.

Rooftop Garden and Relaxation Room
Rooftop Garden and Relaxation Room

On the roof of the AVer building, employees will find a landscaped garden full of seasonal flowers and plants. Here you can enjoy Taiwan’s natural island breezes and relax your body as well as your mind. Also, the company provides staff with a relaxation room where they can go to get rid of stress and release negative energy.


Company Location

Address : No.157, Da-An Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 23673, Taiwan

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Selection: We select professional skilled applicants who meet our corporate vision and business needs.

Staffing: Combining performance management and career planning, we motivate staff to complete tasks through teamwork.

Training: Through our professional training program, as well as the mentor program, we encourage employees to grow within the company achieving greater professional advancement and/or managerial positions.

Retention: We provide competitive salaries and benefits, plus clear promotion paths for employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and determination.


Jobs (104)

  1. Please go to 104 Job Bank’s website, where you can find our corporate career page and submit your Curriculum Vitae.

  2. If you are not able to access 104 Job Bank’s website, please submit your Curriculum Vitae to
  3. Please indicate the name of the position for which you are applying when submitting your Curriculum Vitae. Applicants who submit completed Chinese and English applications/CVs will be consider before those with incomplete applications.