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Here are answers to some common questions about the Conferencing System

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Can I save the recorded video to a format other than the .VC format?
Yes, Please download and installed our VC player then use VC player to convert the file format to .mov or .mp4 Need more help? »» Contact us
How can I view a recorded video conferencing session?
SVC series come with system built-in player. You can play back recorded video by pressing “Info” button, then select “Internal Storage” to view your previously recorded video conferencing session. If you have recorded video conferencing session on an USB flash drive, you could also plug the USB drive into SVC USB port. Then, press “Info” and select “External Storage” to view recorded session. You could also export recorded session from internal storage to USB flash drive under “Internal Storage” menu. Recorded sessions on USB drive can be played back on your computer using our free VC Player software. Need more help? »» Contact us
How do I record a video conferencing session on SVC series?
SVC series support 3 different ways: on iSCSI, on USB or on internal memory, to record video conference. To record a video conferencing session, simply press the “Record'' button on the top-left corner of the remote control to begin recording. Press the “Record'' button again to stop recording. By default, your recording will be saved on 32GB internal memory until there is USB flash drive plugged in or iSCSI connected. Need more help? »» Contact us
Why can’t I backup the system settings or the phonebook?
To backup system settings and phonebook of SVC series, you have to work through SVC Webtool on web browser. You could access Webtool by entering IP address of SVC device on the web browser address bar. The default admin password for Webtool is “1234”. In the Webtool, you can download system settings under General setting > System Restore menu. For backing up phone, you could find it under Phone > Download / Upload menu. Need more help? »» Contact us
Why does my system not detect my USB device?
Please unplug your USB device and wait for approximately 10-15 seconds, then plug it into the system again. Your USB devices need to be one of following file formats: FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT. Need more help? »» Contact us
How can I convert the recorded video ( .VC file ) to other formats?

VCPlayer can help convert the video from its original format to the more widely used .MOV format. You can download it from AVer download center.

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Why can't I play the video on some free media players?

The output .MOV video has multiple audio and video streams which cannot be played on most of the free media players. We recommend you to play .MOV files with Apple QuickTime Player.

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Why can't I fast forward the video on VCPlayer?

VCPlayer only do fast forwards the video 5 minutes at a time, so it won't be triggered when the remaining time of video is shorter than 5 minutes.

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Will the video resolution change after the format conversion?

No. Its resolution will remain the same as you recorded.

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How will the recorded video be archived in USB drive? Is there any size / time limit?

Your videos will be splitted into 2GB per file when it exceed 2GB.

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