“I can’t hear you properly.”

“Can you move the camera? I can’t see anything.”

These are just some of the phrases anyone who has attempted online video conferencing with less-than-optimal setups will be all too familiar with, especially considering how difficult it can be just to get components of different brands working together on your own. The struggle only gets worse when you need to set up a meeting room with lots of different speakers and participants and the equipment just won’t co-operate.

These kinds of incompatibility and quality issues are something you might never have to experience again, after an all-new solution, called a ‘Room Solution’, is being introduced across the video conferencing industry to address the all-too-common less than ideal video conferencing setups that have been exposed with the transition to hybrid and online working.

Well, what on earth is a Room Solution?

A Room Solution refers to a pre-configured, pre-designed complete video conferencing bundle of products that are all configured and ready to create a hybrid meeting room in conjunction with each other the moment they arrive at the user’s door. A good Room Solution bundle should include a premium-quality video conferencing camera , a configured and video conferencing software certified all-in-one PC, as well as a high quality audio device. In an ideal situation, a quality content camera should be included too for the most versatile Room Solution.

"Certifications provide users with very tangible benefits"

For any business, time is money. The popularization of Room Solutions reflect that, with good room solutions attaining major video conferencing software provider certifications which save time all the way from the very first install. Certifications provide participants with very tangible benefits, such as Microsoft Teams offering high-end AI functionality for its certified content cameras which enhance any virtual meeting experience. A large variety of certifications ensures that you can always choose your preferred software without having to waste time learning a new application every time you go into a virtual conference.

While Video Conferencing software adds AI functionality, a good room solution provider should include a level of its own AI functionality. This might come in the form of automatic framing for participant which detects speakers and newcomers in the meeting to dynamically adjust focus, intelligent noise suppression AI which can separate disruptive noises and outside speakers from the participants’ voices, or even beamforming functionality, which is the ability of the microphone to focus on the speaker automatically.

Since the inception of all-inclusive Room Solutions, their share of the market has unsurprisingly exploded. According to Wainhouse in 2020, Room Solution all-in-one systems have experienced year-on-year growths of up to 185%, with the alternative of bringing your own device, or sourcing each part individually, lagging far behind at only 54%. The stats reflect how crucial this solution is to making video conferencing a viable option for any industry, removing many of the pain points associated with obtaining high quality video conferencing for your business.

The silver lining is that due to Covid restrictions, the market for hybrid workplaces that require quality video conferencing has exploded. According to Microsoft numerous companies, large and small, have not only adopted hybrid work, but have realized the countless benefits it delivers.

"This gap in the market is being addressed with highly accessible solutions such as AVer’s turnkey Room Solution."

Along with this discovery, workplaces across the globe have uncovered a big problem: Hybrid work setups are difficult to create and manage. This gap in the market is being addressed with highly accessible solutions such as AVer's turnkey Room Solution, which includes a premium video conferencing camera plus an all-in-one PC, and without the requirement to spend valuable hours and days figuring out how to get your video conference room working.

The rapid increase in demand for hybrid solutions represents the realization of the value of online working for meeting systems compliant with COVID safety measures, and outside of the pandemic, granting employees unprecedented flexibility in their work. Our way of life continues to drastically change following the pandemic, and we need rapidly evolving and innovative technology to keep up. A good video conferencing room solution allows conferences to fluidly continue as if no-one even left the meeting room.