Our series on user experience and video conferencing has already touched on usefulness and usability. Now let’s turn our attention to another component of the UX honeycomb: desirability.

We’ll start with the definition of the term, apply that definition to remote collaboration solutions, and then ogle some desirable devices.

What is Desirability?

The Interaction Design Foundation defines this aspect of UX as follows:

“Desirability is conveyed in design through branding, image, identity, aesthetics and emotional design. The more desirable a product is – the more likely it is that the user who has it will brag about it and create desire in other users.”

Watch any advertisement and you’ll find an example of a company trying to convince you that its product is more desirable than its competitors’ offerings. It’s no different in the video conferencing industry, where competition is generating massive leaps in desirability with each new generation of devices.

Desirability and Video Conferencing

The first video conferencing devices and platforms were not at all desirable by today’s standards. Heavy hardware, super-low-resolution imaging, and clunky conferencing software made voice-only calls a much more desirable form of remote communication. (Check out this great article from PC World to see these bulky beginnings.)

Fortunately, video conferencing has come a long way since its inception. Hardware is compact and stylish, resolution is at 4K and climbing, and video communication platforms are works of digital art. All that plus physical operation traits like smooth PTZ movement, incredible zooms, and Bluetooth connectivity combine to make video conferencing cameras, soundbars, and flat panels some of the most desirable tech on the market.

AVer Desirability

There are many specific examples of desirable video conferencing cameras available today, but none is better than the AVer CAM540. A winner of a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2019, the CAM540 is a sleek beauty of a camera, as much a decorative centerpiece for your meeting room as it is a high-performance, efficiency-boosting machine. Other options, like the VB342+ and CAM520 Pro, are also great for modernizing your space’s aesthetics.

Stylish design may not be the first item on your wish list when it comes to video conferencing equipment, but it’s definitely something you should consider. Modern devices that fit into your meeting space’s atmosphere will make you and your coworkers proud to go to work. These innovations also impress any outsiders you welcome in with a sense of your professionalism and credibility.

Increase your business’s desirability today!