It’s obvious that video conferencing equipment delivers efficiency to your business, offering the ability to stay connected with affiliates and customers around the world anytime, anywhere. However, adding all that tech can complicate work for one valuable component of your company: the IT department. Large organizations with devices spread all around their facilities may even have to hire extra IT staff just to handle video conferencing tools.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to remotely manage all the devices in your network, ensuring they’re always ready to go at a moment’s notice? Well, if you use AVer solutions, you’re in luck. AVer has developed a central management program called EZManager that will cure all your device-management headaches.

Save Time

There’s nothing worse than discovering a technical issue when it’s time to start a remote collaboration and then having to wait for someone to come troubleshoot. By the time help arrives, an essential opportunity may have already passed. EZManager fixes this by allowing IT staff access to upgrade and manage every AVer CAM, VB, and VC series device on the network, all without leaving their desks. It’s even possible to save settings profiles for quick application in particular situations or across multiple devices. These features provide a huge boost to any company’s efficiency.

Wasted time is already a huge problem that costs you a ton of money. According to one study referenced by Business Wire, companies spend $759 billion annually in wages for hours during which employees aren’t doing their work. Why add to that ridiculous number by assigning inefficient tasks like walking from meeting room to meeting room maintaining or reconfiguring conferencing cameras?

Embrace Versatility

Having a remote management program is one thing, but if it only works on one operating system, that can create situations in which IT staff must spend time getting to the right PC when device duty calls. That’s not an issue with EZMananger. The program installs on Windows and 64-bit OS PCs, and it’s also available on tablets via the Chrome browser.

This is a dream come true for MIS personnel. They are no longer tied to their desks, as they can move around freely with access to every camera on their network from their favorite portable devices. For instance, when they discover a necessary configuration to change while installing a new conferencing camera in a huddle room, they can apply it to every other device in the building on the spot, before they forget.

Keep it Simple

If the management system you use is difficult to navigate and deploy, the efficiency it provides is immediately cancelled out. EZManager keeps things simple with an intuitive interface that offers easy-to-read status information and function buttons. There’s no learning curve to get through, no need for prolonged training sessions. In fact the system is so easy that a non-technician can step in and handle management tasks if need be.

Whether you have a whole fleet of AVer conference cameras or just one, EZManager is for you. The best part is that it’s completely free! Click the button below to request this innovative solution today.