If you’re interested in increasing productivity in the office, you may want to think about transforming your space into an agile workplace for activity-based working. This popular office design trend creates a working environment that caters to all types of personalities, synthesizing diverse working styles into one efficient business unit.

One of the main components of an agile work environment is technology. After a brief definition of this workplace philosophy, let’s consider some of the devices you’ll need to invest in to implement this type of office setup, from USB cameras to touch panels.

What is an Agile Workplace?

Agile workplaces are characterized by flexibility. Rather than being stuck in assigned cubicles or offices, employees are free to choose where they work, basing their decisions on the requirements of their tasks and possibly moving through multiple stations throughout the day.

An agile work environment should deploy an open office plan that includes both quiet areas for intense focus—such as concentration pods and focus rooms—and meeting spaces for noisier interactions like brainstorming or group training. There should also be areas for relaxation or informal collaboration, and a designated spot for resources. Touchdown zones, areas where visiting consultants or freelancers can set up shop, are another common characteristic of agile workplaces. Remote working also often comes into play, whether full-time or a shift-based method like Zach Capers at GetApp suggests.

Technology is essential to keeping all these different spaces connected and productive. This includes devices for internal use, like laptops and tablets, as well as video conferencing equipment to extend your agility to overseas suppliers and subsidiaries. AVer video conferencing solutions are ideal partners for companies making the switch to an agile working model.

USB Cameras

Part of agile working is the ability to use collaborative areas for multiple purposes. It logically follows, then, that your video conferencing cameras should be portable and easy to set up. That way, you can have an impromptu call at the nearest available station, rather than having to wait for an available device in a particular meeting room to open up.

USB plug-and-play cameras like the AVer CAM340+ are easy to move around, ready to use as soon as they’re plugged into whatever laptop or monitor happens to be free. Check in on a remote worker in the huddle room; run over to the breakroom to let your overseas branch office join in on a co-worker’s retirement party; and never miss a beat. Also, the VB342+ Video Soundbar is perfect for agile working. Its slim design fits neatly under a monitor to save tons of space, and its smart voice tracking function cuts through external noise—which agile workplaces will certainly generate—to focus the camera on whomever is speaking.

Interactive Flat Panels

Whiteboards are quickly becoming archaic, giving way to powerful panels that operate like giant tablets. AVer has developed the EP65 touch panel for enterprises, and it’s ideal for rolling around an agile office. Or, if you’ve got the budget, install them on walls all over your facility, ready for whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

As you progress through your activity-based work, this all-in-one panel is the only display you’ll need. The EP65 includes a 20-point touch smart whiteboard and screen sharing, as well as a 4K camera and integrated Zoom Rooms software. Practice a presentation with live annotation in the quiet zone, roll it over to the collaboration area for brainstorming and feedback, and then set it up in the conference room for a video conference with global shareholders.

AVer Agility

You can’t achieve agility in your workplace without the help of technology, especially video conferencing equipment. To ensure ultimate flexibility, make sure your office possesses only the highest-quality conferencing cameras and speakerphones on the market. Click the button below to start planning your agile working environment.