2021 has been a crazy year across the world, with unprecedented changes affecting nearly every person and industry. The year has changed the education industry, and the way we look at education, forever. What many might have thought to be a simple reaction to the pandemic situation in 2020, 2021 has proven that technology in the classroom, and even distance learning, are great options for learners and educators alike, and are here to stay.

In the USA in 2021, the EdTech market has continued to boom as schools discover the benefits of technology in the classroom. The stats back it up, with $3.2 billion having been invested in EdTech in just the first 6 months of 2021. In other countries – take Australia for example – the University of New South Wales has started to train nurses online using educational technology. There is no compromise in learning quality, either, where online learning has shown to increase retention rates in a study by Arizona State University, where students taking a mix of online and in-person classes had 10% higher retention rates compared to in-person only.

What does 2021 have to show for all this investment in time and money into educational technology? Innovations have been made in this field at an unprecedented pace. Distance learning tracking cameras, new visualizers, and all shapes and sizes of charging carts have appeared at an unprecedented pace.

Hybrid classrooms were made a reality, with educational technology like charging carts, visualizers, and distance learning tracking cameras coming together to form classrooms that can operate both digitally and in-person. Classrooms limited on space had their prayers answered in 2021 too – small form charging carts, distance learning tracking cameras, and visualizers all came out in 2021 to deliver uncompromising quality to smaller classrooms looking to make a leap into the future.

In 2021, teachers have also been afforded the same freedom of working from home, free of geographical restrictions, by educational technology such as small form distance learning tracking cameras, designed to engage students and make teaching an easier experience when doing it remotely.

Leading educational technology innovators have started to more closely consider the educational industry as well – distance learning tracking cameras are closely related to professional tracking cameras – such as the kind used to record performances, lectures, and other events. Distance learning tracking cameras have been tuned by these innovators to perfectly match the needs of the educational industry, especially schools, from special features such as optical zoom down to the budget requirements. Professional tracking cameras in the past were too expensive, yet ideal for a classroom setting. Distance learning tracking cameras are ideal for the classroom, but at the same time do not go over budget for schools.

Going into 2022, we’re excited to follow these trends and see the evolution of hybrid classrooms and educational technology. The evolution of visualizers and charge sync carts to smaller form factors, and tracking cameras perfect for classrooms (or even hospitals, as healthcare solutions are starting to realize the value of quality tracking cams!) are just some of the trends we’re looking forward to seeing more of this year.