Schools all over the world have been rushing to adapt their in-class curricula with technology for distance learning in response to a recent global crisis. Organizations that already possess the latest education technology have a major advantage in this situation. One such prepared school system is in Hsinchu, a county in Northern Taiwan.

The Hsinchu County government recently took steps to ensure its schools have everything necessary for distance learning, in-class engagement, and efficient administration. The following case study of Hsinchu County’s successful implementation of education technology is a blueprint that any organization can follow and adapt to its own needs.


In 2019, the Hsinchu County Department of Education upgraded its classroom technology with several solutions. Based on a successful experience using the devices, Hsinchu decision makers then ordered even more, installing four new technological innovations in 4th to 12th grade classrooms across the entire county school system:

      • CP2-75 Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) – Huge, 75-inch interactive displays with 20-point touch screens that operate like giant AndroidTM tablets onto which teachers can download interactive learning apps from the GooglePlayTM store.
      • VB342+ Video Soundbars – All-in-one solutions with professional-grade audio input/output and 4K, 120° FOV lenses that easily fit the entire classroom or meeting room on-screen.
      • PTC500S Auto Tracking Cameras – Intuitive automatic tracking pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) solutions that don’t require wearable tech or any other devices to precisely follow the presenter or capture content across preset zones.
      • CB-310 Interactive Control Boxes – Standalone AndroidTM modules that link classroom displays and student devices via wired or wireless connection for screen sharing, screen splitting up to four ways, and live annotation.

The IFPs feature an embedded AndroidTM module and an external Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) with a Windows® OS. This enables teachers to seamlessly switch between operating systems so they never again need to change devices in the middle of class and waste valuable lesson time. Also, the panels were installed with sliding blackboard covers, allowing teachers to adopt the new tech at their own pace, using both the blackboard and the IFP’s smart whiteboard at their convenience.

The video soundbars and auto tracking cameras were installed in conjunction with the IFPs in select classrooms. Various administrators’ offices also received an efficiency boost with the VB342+ for use with other displays for all types of meetings.

Some schools in the system didn’t have the budget for IFPs or were prohibited by government policy from replacing their technology at the time. They opted instead for the CB-310 Interactive Control Boxes to give new life to their old equipment.


This tech upgrade will positively impact the school system in a few different ways. First, Hsinchu educators can use their interactive control boxes and IFPs in class to display high-definition visuals from the cloud, stream YouTube videos, and surf the web for materials that support their lesson plans. The classrooms that feature VB342+ models can use them to open a portal to interactive experiences with other students and teachers all around the world.

The Hsinchu County school system can also use their new devices for distance learning. A large IFP enables everyone in large classrooms to see content the far-end teacher presents. The VB342+ is mounted on top of the IFP to maximize its wide-angle lens and give the teacher a clear view of the entire classroom. Furthermore, the VB342+ provides embedded auto framing technology that lets Hsinchu teachers set the perfect FOV with a click of a button, so they can focus more time on preparing for class.

Some classrooms also use the PTC500S Auto Tracking Camera for distance learning broadcasts. These powerful PTZ cameras offer Hsinchu County the ability to produce professional-quality online education content without the need to hire specialized operators. Hsinchu educators can use these robust cameras to livestream classes or collaborative lesson planning sessions for students and teachers who cannot attend.

Finally, Hsinchu County administrators use the video soundbars for remote meetings. Rather than making all educators in the county travel to a single location for a staff meeting, they can attend remotely from their respective schools. The Hsinchu County administration has already put these innovative devices to work, formulating a response to the COVID-19 pandemic with school and government officials via efficient video conferences.

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