It’s time to update the classic “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” thought experiment. The update goes a little something like this: if your event isn’t broadcast to the world via online streaming, did it really happen?

These days, the answer is no.

To maximize your reach, you need to make every live event into content that lives and breathes online long term. This is especially true for the sports industry. To get started, you’ll need Pro AV cameras.

No Event Too Small

Esports and sports fans are always hungry for more content—especially when you factor in sports gambling that ramps up the excitement for every level of competition! That’s why startup sports leagues are continually gaining traction.

The rise of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCF) and The BIG3 3-on-3 basketball league, both backed by super-high-profile celebrity investors, indicates boundless potential for alternative sports.

There are also professional Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf leagues and all sorts of esports competitions whose video content is popping up in social media feeds everywhere. When your social media algorithm picks up on your love for sports, you’ll even start seeing fringe content for sports like arm wrestling and slap contests. There’s even the World Series of Beer Pong!

Clearly, there’s room for every form of competition.

Economical Options

To really capture the action and get your competition the recognition it deserves, you’ll need Pro AV cameras. Of course, you probably don’t have the massive broadcasting budget of established sports leagues, but that shouldn't stop you.

PTZ cameras and even the most advanced auto tracking cameras are becoming more and more affordable and user friendly, with easy USB installation and operation via intuitive web UI. There are also cameras with integrated NDI® protocols. This protocol is essential for ensuring high-quality streams of the high-speed action found in most sports. With NDI® integrated and USB connectivity, there’s no need to hire an expensive production team—a few interns or enthusiastic volunteers is all it takes. Once you’ve got some momentum going, you can expand to more complicated configurations.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first sports Pro AV broadcasting device or want to upgrade your current capability, there’s an ideal camera for you. Click the button below to get started!