Preparing students for a world powered by technology is more important than ever, as research indicates a whopping “92 percent of future jobs will need digital skills.” Most schools have taken at least some steps toward adapting to this trend, but technological advances can be extremely difficult to keep pace with, especially considering typical education budget constraints.

For the majority of educational organizations, it’s not feasible to upgrade classroom devices every time a new model hits the market. However, administrators with limited resources can still ensure their students are not left behind by transforming traditional classroom equipment into state-of-the art engagement tools with a single integration module known as a collaboration box.

All the Bells and Whistles

A collaboration box is a versatile classroom connectivity solution that features diverse wired output compatibility and advanced wireless sharing capability. This Android 7.1 module allows teachers and students to avoid purchasing expensive panels and get the most out of their current arsenal of old mobile devices, desktops, monitors, and projectors to create a fully interactive learning environment.

Teachers can download their favorite educational apps and upload their lesson content to the collaboration box, and then simply connect to a monitor or projector to get the whole class involved. Interoperability with Windows and Android systems allows teachers to switch back and forth between using a laptop for a PowerPoint presentation and opening Android apps to keep students awake with exciting interactive content. Even if the teacher forgets to bring a laptop, he or she can access files saved on the cloud by signing into Google Classroom via the collaboration box so that learning continues uninterrupted. Also, integrated screen sharing enables students to present their creativity to everyone for peer review and brainstorming in up to 4K resolution. Users can split up to four screens, mirroring laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even throwing in a document camera.

Every Class Activity

Teachers can create customized profiles for each class to keep lesson plans organized, and they can turn any display into a smart board for displaying announcements and classroom management strategies. Most importantly, though, this device is a goldmine of usage scenarios for any creative educator.

Virtually any classroom activity can be enhanced by the collaboration box. For example, teachers can make interactive quizzes with audio and video that they can push to student devices, using a seemingly endless parade of useful Google Play apps to access a world of possibilities. Another option is to separate students into groups for a research project, and then allow them to present their findings on the monitor at the front of the class for peer review and discussion. Such activities enhance digital literacy and prepare young learners for the next wave of the technological revolution.

An Instant Future Classroom

A collaboration box is an affordable solution for unlocking the full potential of outdated classroom equipment. Instead of worrying about where to find room in the budget for the latest panels, simply install this innovative module to instantly transform traditional learning spaces into future classrooms. Maximize the functionality of your existing monitors, laptops, and document cameras by making them smarter and more connected with an AVer collaboration box.