The holiday season traditionally includes lots of time spent on interpersonal interaction, whether in the office, at school, or at home. That's not true for everyone, though. A sad truth of modern life is that work, school, and other responsibilities keep many people far away from where they really want to be during the festive season.

Thankfully, technology has widespread humanity more closely connected than ever before. And while cameras and speakerphones can’t fully imitate the intimacy of a conversation at an office or class Christmas party, they are a huge step up from a simple voice call or email with good tidings. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for how you can use your company’s video conferencing equipment or your school’s education technology to make the most of the holidays.

Host a Virtual Office Party

Christmas and New Year’s parties at the office are great fun, but do you know what would be even more enjoyable? Spreading the season’s cheer to your colleagues who work at overseas branches or are stuck on ill-timed business trips, of course! Check out the following examples:

  • White Elephant Excitement: Lauren Hamer at suggests using online platform Elfster to organize a virtual Secret Santa present swap. Turn the fun up a notch with the classic gift-stealing white elephant exchange by hosting a video conference call before the gifts ship out.
  • Gift Opening Drama: Another way to enjoy gift giving is to send out presents and then get together in your preferred online meeting space to watch each other tear through the wrapping paper. AVer has everything you need for this kind of interaction, with hardware certifications for major conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom Rooms, including devices like the CAM540 Conferencing Camera and the EP65 All-In-One Touch Panel.
  • Video Conference Mingling: An article in The Atlantic by Joe Pinsker points out one remote group at a major company that regularly holds parties via WebEx, engaging in typical office party behavior such as drinking, snacking, and talking about anything but business. AVer’s compact but powerful CAM340+ is ideal for freelancers or fulltime remote workers in such situations.

Inviting distant coworkers to join office gatherings is perfect for teambuilding. You may not get any actual work done, but the increase in morale and deepening of relationships are sure to inspire long-term improvements in productivity.

Celebrate With EduTech

Remote frivolity isn’t just for the corporate world. Those who work or study at educational institutions can also use their technology—like advanced visualizers and PTZ lecture capture cameras—to help celebrate the holidays. Again, here are some ideas:

  • Holiday Event Inclusion: Educational institutions can use AVer innovations to livestream holiday events, allowing family and friends of participants to join in from afar. For instance, the PTZ330 and PTZ310 are excellent for producing a live broadcast of a seasonal concert or play.
  • Remote Class Partying: Distance learners miss out on traditional campus socializing. When the holiday season rolls around and it’s time for class parties, include remote students by hosting a live event. Even if it’s just you (the teacher) on video, students can chat in to answer holiday trivia questions or share images of their ugliest Christmas sweaters. AVer’s M70W is your best choice, with its 10X optical zoom that can show every hideous detail of your own gaudy garb!
  • Long-Distance Gift Opening: AVer’s M15W visualizer is great for projecting documents or zooming in on detailed 3D models, but it’s also perfect for livestreaming from anywhere, due to its compact design and wireless connectivity. Teachers who are working abroad can use the M15W to start a live broadcast for family and friends to watch as they open care packages from back home.

If you can’t be physically present with your coworkers, classmates, or loved ones during the holidays, the next best thing is interacting with them via video call. And when you have access to AVer innovations, you’ll get to create or partake in distant festivities with some of the highest-quality camera and audio solutions available. Happy holidays!