The outbreak of COVID-19 has set the medical and healthcare industry in explosion in the past two years. With the demand for products and services increasing exponentially, hardware manufacturers and solution providers on the "silicon island" are diving into the booming market.

Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan, the largest tradeshow targeting medical, healthcare, and telehealth markets, is held from Dec 1 to Dec 4, 2022. Dubbed "Where Tech Meets Medicine," Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2023 brings together the renowned ICT industry supply chain and the highly expected bio-pharmaceutical R&D.

Stepping into the venue, Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, visitors would quickly be surrounded by logos and visuals of the tech giants. We believe the buyers and users would be more confident about entrusting their well-being to the solutions with these big names behind them.

Predictive dedication: From data to prescription

Predictive medication has significantly benefited from the advance of data science and artificial intelligence. As a result, we're seeing more products being fruits of cooperation with academia.

Top universities like Taiwan University and Taiwan University of Technology are among the leaders in making their lab projects available on the market. Some of the projects are even funded by big tech groups or ventures, getting their solutions adopted in medical centers.

The Stress EEG Assessment System, developed by a Taiwan startup, is a highlight that captured many eyeballs on this show. An electroencephalogram (EEG) records brain activity, which can help diagnose and monitor many conditions affecting the brain. For example, it may help identify the cause of specific symptoms – such as seizures (fits) or memory problems – or find out more about a condition you've already been diagnosed with.

An extensive collection of brainwave data was gathered from three medical centers and analyzed by AI algorithms. The FDA-approved assessment system is the first on the market that quantifies brain waves into numerical values as an index reflecting stress level. It provides medical professionals with a powerful tool for mental health assessment.

The research team strives to develop more clinical applications and analysis of brain waves through AI algorithms and continue translating the brain's language for you in different directions.

Telecom services put clinics on the phone

The fast-growing 5G network on the island is also fostering the development of telemedicine. The leading medical centers have been ahead of the pack in infrastructure building. It's always inspiring to see a telecom service provider extending its existing services into caring networks for the residents of rural areas and remote countries.

The home-based solution brings more advanced medical diagnosis, previously available only in cities, to patients at traveling medical stations or domestic care through a visiting doctor. In addition, the high-speed 5G network ensures reliable data transmission and video streaming throughout the clinic latency-free. As a result, seniors or patients with severe illnesses could enjoy multidisciplinary consultation in the comfort of their homes without the hassles of commute used to take days. Easily accessible through phones and tablets for patients and doctors, the service provider has built a user-friendly system to take the clinical experience one step further.

PTZ cameras bring advanced Imagery to clinics and surgery

The combination of medical carts and PTZ cameras extends medical and healthcare functionalities from nursing workstations to wards. Easily maneuverable from room to room, the compact also includes an onboard power system, making it capable of long-hour services from the nursing station when healthcare professionals are doing their runs. PTZ cameras are also vital in making optical Imagery readily available at clinics. Medical-grade PTZ cameras are now standard for any medical carts.

AVer MD330U is a steal of the show with its high penetration to medical solutions. Crowning at the top of multiple medical carts, the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award winner greets visitors across the site at different booths. Boasting a detachable camera head and 30X optical lens, it brings the much-needed advanced Imagery to our daily clinic and operating rooms where live broadcast surgery takes place. In addition, a visualizer can be integrated as a supported camera as an ECG display on the medical carts.

Wrap up

A matchmaking platform for exhibitors and buyers, the expo not only offers business opportunities at home and abroad but also lets us a sneak peek at some fresh ideas and applications. With more than 800 exhibitors, the expo has successfully brought together medicine and semiconductor, two of the top sectors of this island, to push forward advanced medicine and digital health technologies. As a result, we expect to see more niche products and partnerships emerge, in which Taiwan plays an essential role in developing.