Thanksgiving is a US holiday, but that doesn’t stop rest of the world from joining in by expressing thanks for blessings. Even here near the end of 2020, a year marked by unprecedented social distancing, there’s so much we can be grateful for—starting with video conferencing technology.

During these days of economic unrest and skyrocketing unemployment rates, those of us who remain active in the workforce should be especially appreciative of the tech that keeps us going. So, here are five reasons to be thankful for video conferencing equipment this year.

1. It Keeps People Connected

Video conferencing technology keeps us connected more closely than ever before in human history. A full-scale business meeting with partners dispersed around the globe or a quick video chat between a grandma and her youngest grandson are both always just a couple clicks away. The COVID-19 pandemic that has blanketed 2020 reminds us how thankful we should be for this tech.

2. It Saves Money

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate bounty. Video conferencing technology is responsible for creating cornucopias overflowing with cash for many businesses. Cameras and speakerphones provide access to resources all over the world and allow companies to cut down on office space by letting their employees work from home. (You can read our in-depth evaluation of how remote collaboration technology benefits businesses here.)

3. It Saves Time

This chaotic year has forced us all to place a higher value on time. A great way to preserve time is by replacing business travel with efficient video conferences. Remote working also eliminates time wasted commuting from home to a physical office, which means more time to spend on loved ones or valuable self-improvement.

4. It’s Easy to Use

USB plug-and-play hardware and intuitive platforms like Zoom let video conferencing offer a smooth user experience. Even if you’re an IT manager responsible for a high-rise full of meeting rooms and conferencing equipment, remote management software makes it easy to keep your complex network up to date and running smoothly.

5. It’s Rapidly Improving

Per TechRepublic, “the [video conferencing] market will grow from $6.1 billion in 2019 to $11.56 billion by the end of 2027.” Remote communication devices are improving by leaps and bounds each year, and the rate of improvement should only increase as equipment developers grab for all that cash in the market. Expect much more AI automation—future generations of the auto framing, voice tracking and presentation tracking currently available—in your meeting experiences soon.

Whether you’re self-employed or the CEO of an international corporation, video conferencing technology should be high on the list of blessings you’re counting—this year especially. If you’d like even more reasons to be thankful, click the button below!