Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” If you agree with that sentiment, you may want to consider putting a little extra thought into your gift giving this holiday season—especially when you’re shopping for the video conferencing enthusiasts in your life.

There are plenty of handy devices that could make you a hero when the wrapping paper starts flying. Check out the following five options to get started.

1. A Better Conferencing Camera

This unprecedented year has forced many people into working from home. Those accustomed to video conferencing with premium cameras from an office are suddenly working with subpar laptop cameras in their bedrooms. That makes a high-quality compact camera, like the 4K, 120 FOV CAM340+, a perfect gift. It easily adapts to any PC, laptop, or TV, and USB plug-and-play makes it extremely simple to operate.

2. A Nice Set of Headphones

Another awesome idea for WFH-ers is a set of pro-grade headphones, perhaps even the noise-cancelling variety. With their new headphones, your favorite video conferencing enthusiasts will be able to really plug into meetings, shutting out external distractions and enjoying the feeling of being in the same room as their virtually present coworkers.

3. An Expansion Speakerphone

For those still working from a conference room, an expansion speakerphone could be a great present. Instead of making everyone in a meeting crowd around within a single speakerphone’s pickup range, your gift will open up virtually unlimited conferencing space and table configuration possibilities that let everyone sit wherever they’re most comfortable (or safest, here in 2020!).

4. Some Nifty Accessories

Now, the target of your Christmas charity may already have all the latest conferencing cameras. If that’s the case, you can help them accessorize! Some systems include the option to upgrade with a Bluetooth dongle that enables wireless connectivity between devices. Also, you could give a mount that lets them install their cameras/speakerphones on the wall, ceiling, or TV.

5. A New WFH Uniform

No pants, no shoes, no problem! All remote workers need to look their best is business wear from the waist up. Send your favorite video conference enthusiasts nice shirts, and make sure to remind them that it counts for twice the gift, since they don’t need the bottoms to go with them. Or you could be nice and send some comfy lounge pants or shorts to complete the look.

Still need more ideas? Don’t worry, there are enough options to fill a several of Santa’s sleighs on the big day. Click the button below to start shopping!