This the season to put your head on a swivel—April Fools’ Day 2021 is upon us! You might think you’re impervious to tricks this year, bunkered down in the safety of your remote office, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many of the mischievous among us have been cooped up in COVID-19 quarantines planning the best remote office pranks to pull for about a year now. The new normal of remote working will only expand their reach.

So, instead of living in fear, why not go on the offensive? After the craziness of 2020, your team could surely use a little good-natured fun.

Here are four ideas for remote office April Fools’ Day pranks.

1. Rickrolling

Rickrolling is a bit of a cliché now, but that’s exactly what makes it so effective! Simply alter your Zoom link or Google Docs URL to go to Rick Astley’s classic 1980’s tune “Never Gonna Give You Up.” No matter how many times your victim has experienced this trick in the past, it’s always a surprise—one that’s typically followed by laughter and/or eye rolling and groans of annoyance. Even if you’re not in the room to celebrate your victory, it’s sure to spark up a lively chat conversation.

2. Inception Package

Even if your office is completely remote, there are times you need to send physical documents or product samples to members of your team. April Fools’ Day 2021 is the perfect time to send an inception package—i.e., a package within a package within a package…you get the picture. Ideally, you can convince your target to open the package while on a team video call so you can experience the ultimate joy at their utter frustration!

3. Prank Sales Lead

This idea is adapted from an article on BestLife by Bob Larkin. Send your coworker some fake sales leads with names that sound like types of animals (Larkin suggests “Mr. Lyon” or “Mr. Baer”) and the number to a zoo. When your coworker makes the call and realizes what’s happening, he or she will be perfectly embarrassed!

4. Fake Emergency

If you’re working from home, pull out your acting skills and get ready to scare your coworkers with a little stage makeup. You can use this simple guide to make it look like your finger is cut off. Imagine your colleagues’ shock when you reach up to scratch your nose and your finger is gushing “blood”! Just be sure to use a high-quality camera to ensure the effect is not lost to a fuzzy image.

After you’ve had your fun, get back to work with a satisfied smile on your face. If you’ve got the latest video conferencing technology loaded with smart functions—like automatic framing and voice tracking—you’ll be able to efficiently get your work done so you can turn your attention to physical pranks within your social distancing circles!