Huddle rooms are all the rage right now. Millennials love these small 3 to 4 person meeting rooms and they have provided businesses with a place for their employees to create the innovative ideas that they crave. But are you really making the most out of your huddle room conferencing equipment?

Here are 3 ways video soundbars help you get better huddle room collaboration.

Get Better Video Quality

“Isn’t my laptop camera good enough?” I hear you say.

“No it isn’t” I reply.

Webcams and built-in laptop cameras aren’t capable of providing the video quality and ease of use that video soundbars are capable of.

With resolutions that reach 4K, pan-tilt-zoom cameras that provide easier control, and wider FOVs, video soundbars are able to make collaboration stunningly clear and fit everyone at the meeting on screen. More importantly camera placement and control can be optimized to better display your group and according to research by North Dakota State University, the placement of your conferencing equipment can affect how you are perceived during a meeting. Soundbars can be easily mounted above or below your monitor, or placed on the table to best encapsulate a group dynamic when compared to low res, low FOV webcams and their placement helps make sure you are presented in the best light.

Real Audio with All the Features

“My TV and Laptop have great audio.”

Hate to tell you, but they don’t.

TV monitor audio systems are designed to take up the minimal amount of space in the TV (just think how flat modern TVs are). Small speakers will never compare to large speakers. Also, did you know that most TV speakers face backwards? With video soundbars you are getting better audio thanks to larger speakers that actually pushes sound towards you and not at the wall.

Have you ever heard two people talking on one side of a laptop webcam? It can get pretty garbled. Audio pick-up is extremely important for clear communication and collaboration during video conference meetings. Video soundbars come with built-in microphones, sometimes even two, that pick-up speech much clearer. Furthermore, the latest video soundbars come equipped with echo and noise cancellation technologies that eliminate the annoyances that occur with laptop audio pick-up, providing a crisper and cleaner communication process in your huddle room.

Get Rid of All those Cords!

How many times have you almost tripped over a cord?

Be Honest. It can even happen to Shaquille O'Neal!

Video soundbars are an all-in-one conferencing system that are designed to reduce your cords by requiring the minimal amount of connections through integrating all of the video equipment in one package, utilizing plug-and-play capabilities, and sporting easy mounting for above or below your monitor, not just on your table. So you can maximize your maneuverability and keep everything in your huddle room tidy.

Bringing It Together.

Overall, video soundbars give you higher quality video, audio, and reduce your cable clutter. These sleek devices make your conference calls from your huddle rooms more effective, efficient, and provide a pleasant meeting experience.