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Here are answers to some common questions about the visualizer (document camera)

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There is no picture on the presentation screen.
  1. Check all the connectors again as shown in this manual.
  2. Check the on/off switch of the display output device.
  3. Verify the setting of the display output device.
  4. If you are presenting from a notebook or computer through the display output device, check the cable connection from computer RGB (VGA) output to RGB input of AVerVision PL50 and make sure AVerVision PL50 is in PC Mode.
  5. For HDMI display output, a delay occurs while waiting for both the display device and AVerVision PL50 to sync up. Wait for around 4 to 7 seconds until you see the camera image on the screen.
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I have set up the AVerVision PL50 and checked all the connections as specified in the manual but I cannot get a picture on the preferred presentation screen.
  • The unit POWER button turns orange in standby mode. Press the POWER button again to turn on and the LED light will turn blue.
  • The default camera display resolution setting is on 1024x768. If your output device does not support this resolution no image can be projected. Simply press hold the FREEZE and ► button to the change the resolution setting.
  • If your display output device is on TV or any analog device, please switch the TV-RGB dip switch to TV.
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The picture on the presentation screen is distorted or the image is blurry.
  • Reset all changed settings, if any, to the original manufacturer default setting. Press DEFAULT on the remote or select Default in Basic tab OSD menu.
  • Use the Brightness and Contrast menu functions to reduce the distortion if applicable.
  • If you discover that the image is blurry or out of focus, press the Auto Focus button on the control panel or remote control.
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There is no computer signal on presentation screen.
  1. Check all the cable connections among the display device, AVerVision PL50 and your PC.
  2. Connect your PC to the AVerVision PL50 first before you power on your computer.
  3. For notebook, repeatedly press FN+F5/F8 to toggles between display modes and display the computer image on the presentation screen. For different command, please refer to your laptop manual.
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The presentation screen does not show the exact desktop image on my PC or Notebook after I toggle from Camera to PC mode.
  1. Return to your PC or Notebook, place the mouse on the desktop and right click, choose ''Properties'', choose ''Setting'' tab, click on ''2'' monitor and check the box ''Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor''.
  2. Then go back one more time to your PC or Notebook and place the mouse on the desktop and right click again.
  3. This time choose ''Graphics Options'', then ''Output To'', then ''Intel® Dual Display Clone'', and then choose ''Monitor + Notebook''.
  4. After you follow these steps, you should be able to see the same desktop image on your PC or Notebook as well as on the presentation screen.
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AVerVision PL50 can't detect the inserted USB flash drive.
Make sure the USB flash drive switch is set to the left and check if the USB flash drive is properly inserted. Need more help? »» Contact us
How do I turn off the on-screen display of the AVer logo?
To turn off the AVer logo display, press and hold the Left and Menu button for 3 seconds. Repeat this step to re-enable the logo display. Need more help? »» Contact us
What's max resolution for on-board recording?
The resolution for on-board recording is 1024x576 Need more help? »» Contact us