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Here are answers to some common questions about the visualizer (document camera)

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How to activating ClassSend feature ?
  1. The ClassSend Student Engagement Feature can be activated for free if your PC/Mac is connected to the following AVer products:
  2. F50HD,F17HD, F17-8M, F50-8M, F70W, F33, 300AFHD, M70HD, M70, U70, PL50 and TabCam
  3. Your Sphere2 software will automatically activate the Class feature when it connects to any of the above AVer document cameras.
  4. Pay-upgrade for ClassSend Student Engagement feature
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Teacher site (Sphere2) and students site (ClassSend) are under the same WIFI region , and teacher already created and opened classroom , why can’t the ClassSend log in classroom automatically ?
  1. The root cause is wifi router UPNP setting , if the school can’t enable UPNP function , please kindly follow the step to manual log into teacher classroom.
  2. Teacher site (Sphere2) : Sphere2 > click “class” and “classroom online inforamtion”> then will show the teacher classroom IP address.
  3. Student site(ClassSend) : ClassSend > click the icon of ''IP'' > key in the IP address and connection successful.
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Where can I download the software for visualizer?
Please visit website main page, go to support>download center>visualizer, and select classroom software on the drop down box and search, then you will be able to find the software. Need more help? »» Contact us
What's the resolution if I select the video quality to high in Sphere2?
If you select the video quality to high, the resolution of the video is 1920x1080. Need more help? »» Contact us