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Why can’t I connect to AVer IP camera via the web browser?
  1. LAN environment: Make sure your PC / Laptop sits as the same network segment as the IP camera. ( For example, set IP address 192.168.1.x and subnet mask for PC / Laptop in network settings in Microsoft Windows Operating System and access the IP camera by utility software and set IP address 192.168.1.x and subnet mask for the IP camera. )

    In some of the cases, strange IP address or subnet mask gets randomly generated by direct connection between the IP camera and a PC / Laptop. So, it is also important to make sure to set same subnet mask (ex: for the network device.

  2. WAN environment ( Internet ): As the LAN IP address ( For example, 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x ) is not possible to be viewed via the Internet, so a network router device is needed in such case to forward the LAN IP address to router’s external IP address ( static IP address ), so that user can see the IP camera live image from the outside of the Internet. Please check the user manual of the router device for detail port forwarding settings.
  3. Password protection: Make sure the password of IP camera has not been changed. Otherwise, it may also cause possible web browser login failed.

    If you forgot the password, try to make the default factory setting for the IP camera and set a new password for the IP camera again.please refer to our download center.
  4. Network security setting: Check your IT management department to make sure there is no possible network security / firewall setting that may block the network sessions. Also, there are some security / anti-virus software or web browser firewall settings which may also cause the network session failed, it is better to adjust the network security policy settings to clarify the root cause in advance.
  5. Ethernet cabling: Make sure the Ethernet cable is well connected on both network switch ( Or the Hub device ) and IP camera side, and check the status of light indicators on those related devices. However, some disconnection issues may be caused by faulty Ethernet cables, so that user may need to make the cross-test on different Ethernet cables.
  6. Too many remote viewers: Check if the concurrent session has reach to 10 remote users simultaneously. Otherwise, user may not be able to connect to the IP camera.
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How to assign the IP address to AVer IP camera?
  1. Web UI setting: Go to System > Network Setting, to set DHCP / Static IP / PPPoE settings.
  2. IP camera utility: Run AVer IP camera utility software on Windows desktop and select correct option in network device setting ( Select correct LAN Ethernet adapter or wireless adapter in your PC / Laptop ) at top-left side. Press “Search” button then the utility software will list down all the AVer IP camera models in the same LAN network. User can select the desired model to assign proper IP address, user ID and password to AVer IP camera.
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How to reset the AVer IP camera to factory default setting?

Software reset:

  1. Go to System > General > Maintenance > Reset: Reset the configuration setting to default setting but system will still remain the user management and network settings.
  2. Go to System >General >Maintenance >Factory default: Reset all the configuration settings to factory default setting.

Hardware reset:
Please download and refer to our download center.

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Why the web UI, images or text looks out-of-place on my Internet Explorer 10?

This issue can be resolved by pressing the “compatibility view” button near the “Refresh button” on the Internet Explorer 10.

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Where can I retrieve the login password for my AVer IP camera?

There is no special way to get the original login password back but we suggest follow the instructions to make the hardware factory default settings on AVer IP cameras. For detail information, Please download and refer to the AVer download center.

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How to record the live video from my AVer IP camera?
  1. NXU Lite software: Use AVer free bundle NXU Lite recording software. It is AVer free video management software ( VMS ) which supports up to 32 IP camera channels. Please refer to detail information at NXU-Lite.
  2. Pure NVR/ Hybrid DVR / NXU8000: If user wants to use more advanced features, it is suggest to consider AVer’s Hybrid DVR, NVR, or licensed NXU8000 software. Please refer to detail product information at surveillance solutions .
  3. Pressing record button in Web user Interface: The easiest way is to press the record button (with red dot) in the Web user interface. Sometimes, this kind of method is useful for testing or maintenance purpose.
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How do I report the problem of my AVer IP cameras?

User can log on AVer’s online deskpro system to register the questions. For more detail information, please go to

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What do I do if there is no light indicating from AVer IP camera and it looks like the camera is totally not working?
  1. Power supply: Check the status of power supply related device such as PoE switch, Ethernet cable and external power adapter.
  2. Software factory default: If AVer IP camera utility can find out the IP camera, then user can access the IP camera to make the factory default setting through Web UI.
  3. Hardware factory default: If AVer IP camera utility can not find out the IP camera, then it is recommended to use a hardware factory default setting. For detail information, please refer to our AVer download center.
  4. Update to latest firmware version: If the IP camera can be accessed via web browser or AVer’s IP camera utility, then it is suggested to make sure if the firmware is the most up-to-date version. For detail information, please refer to our AVer download center.
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How to view AVer IP camera series via my iPhone / iPad / Android phone / Android tablet device?

Please go to Apple iTunes / Android Google play market and type the keyword “AVer” in the search engine to download the “AVer Viewer” software. It is a free mobile application allows user to remote connect AVer’s NVR / IP camera series by their Apple / Android mobile device anytime and anywhere. For detail information regarding the user guide, please refer to our download center.

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How to trigger the “Motion Event” and record it into my micro SD card in AVer FB3028-RT1 camera?
  1. First of all, please refer to below description and concept regarding “Sensitivity”, “Percentage” and “Monitor”. It is suggested that user to adjust the settings based on real condition and find out suitable settings for different needs.

    Sensitivity: To define the sensitivity level when system detects real moving object inside the user defined motion area. For example, if user does not want the system to detect unnecessary object then he can try to lower down the sensitivity. If user wants the system to detect every moving object inside the user defined motion area, then please raise the sensitivity level.

    Monitor: Different monitor level will be generated automatically based on the motion vector including sensitivity level / size of the moving objects / complex of scene.

    Percentage: It is a threshold ( condition ) to decide to let system trigger the motion event or not. If the Monitor level is more than the Percentage level you have set, then system will trigger motion event immediately.

  2. First step, login to the Web interface to activate the “Motion Detection” function in AVer FB3028-RT1. Go to “Application” > “Motion Detection” setting. Define the motion area, Sensitivity, and Percentage. Please be noted that the motion event can only be triggered once the “Monitor” percentage is more than the parameters you have set in the percentage bar.

    Now, assume that we set “Region 1” as motion detection area then set the motion sensitivity of “74” and Percentage of “32”. If system detects the motion objects in Regional 1 and system itself define the percentage of “Monitor” ( ex: 42 % ) is more than the parameters of percentage you have set ( ex: 32 ), that means the motion event is triggered successfully. ( See below pictures and go to Step 3 )

  3. Make sure the system detects your micro SD card already and shows the available storage capacity. Go to System > microSD card function. ( See below picture and go to Step 4 )
  4. Make sure to enable the Schedule setting in “Event” function. Go to “Event” function and select the time to activate the motion detect detection and record the event into your micro SD card. Follow the steps from ( 1 ) to ( 3 ) below.

    1. Go to “Event” and select the day / time. Left click on the blue area then system will pop up the detail schedule setting UI.
    2. Choose the “Time” and “Days” first. Then, select the “Motion Detection Region” as trigger condition and select the “microSD Card” as trigger action. Click “Ok”.
    3. Go back to Event setting UI and Click “Save” at below left side to apply settings.
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How to enable the “Event booster” function in AVer FB3028-RTM camera?
  1. Make sure the IP camera’s date / time is synchronized to PC or NTP server’s date / time.
  2. Set the minimum frame rate for “no motion detected” situation. Go to “Video Stream” setting and select the frame rate. Normally, user can select lower fps ( ex: 5fps ) when there is no motion detected, to save the storage space and network bandwidth. If there is motion detected, then system will automatically and dynamically raise the fps to 20 ~ 30 fps. In other words, real maximum fps will be judged by the system based on current IP camera system performance and network status.
  3. Enable the motion detection by following each step described in our FAQ Question 10.
  4. Enable Event schedule. Set schedule time, days, trigger condition ( ex: Motion detection region ) and alarm action ( ex: Event Boost ). Press “OK”.
  5. Make sure to click “Save”, to apply all setting changes.
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