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Here are answers to some common questions about the charge & sync cart/cabinet

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Why charging cart will be overloaded or over heat , how can I solve the problem?
If the charging device is charged in the power-on state, it may lead to overload or overheating. It is recommended that the charged under turned off or standby mode. Need more help? »» Contact us
When power on C30u have a little noisy issue when there is no any device in the cart , is the cart defect ?
  • If under quiet environment and close to the cart that you can hear it that it's product characteristics ,mainly under lower loading , the power supply fan starts voltage value between the critical edge, but it doesn’t affect the characteristics of the problem PSU voltage output and related features.
  • Once user plug devices into C30u , then the noise will disappear .
  • If you have any problem , please kindly contact us .
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My MacBook does not see all 30 iPad's when connecting to the C30u, how do I get them to detect?
  • If you are using a 2012 MacBook Air, please be sure you are running the latest patch. If you are using a 2013 MacBook Air, please run the following terminal command:
    sudo nvram usb-options=''%01%00%00%00''
  • Once the command has been executed, restart the MacBook Air. To undo this, run the following terminal command:
    sudo nvram -d usb-options
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Why are the LED status indicators flashing when I'm not in sync mode?
When tablets near a full charge they will begin to draw a very small amount of power this can sometimes cause a flicker in the LED status between red and green. This is normally caused when devices exit or enter standby mode that are fully charged or nearly fully charged. Rest assured that your devices are still being charged properly. Need more help? »» Contact us
How do I sync multiple tablets at one time?
To sync multiple tablets, simply connect the tablets to the C30u/C16u’s USB hub and connect your computer to sync ports to sync up to 16 tablets. Connect both of the sync ports to your computer to sync up to 30/16 tablets. Open up Apple Configurator on your computer and begin syncing the tablets. Need more help? »» Contact us
How do I know if the tablets are charging and when it is done charging? What about syncing?
The LED status indicators will be red while charging and turn solid green when the tablets are fully charged. When the tablets are syncing, the LED status indicators will flash green. Need more help? »» Contact us
How to use 2 or 3 cabinets Daisy-Chain function ?
The L16u cabinet supports power and synchronizes Daisy-Chain technology. Power Daisy-Chain enables total maximum 3 cabinets to charge through a single wall outlet. Through sync Daisy-Chain, all the devices in the cabinets can be synchronized at once. The configuration of Daisy-Chain is illustrated below.
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cart/cabinet can't charging and LED indicator shows orange blinking
The LED indicator orange blinking shows all devices power demand exceeds the system loading , for safety considerations system will stop charging . please turn off devices or switch to standby mode , make sure the charging cable , then reboot the charging cart/cabinet will resolved this problem. Need more help? »» Contact us