Here are answers to some common questions about the Conferencing Collaboration

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PTZApp can get the CAM340, but it shows nothing (black screen) on the camera view. How to solve it?
Re-install the firmware. The new version of PTZApp and Firmware for resolving this issue has been delivered. (Assume there was any action by remote controller or Keyboard leading to the incorrect data transfer caused previous updating failure.) Need more help? »» Contact us
Individually connect CAM340 and PanaCast2 to Biamp Devio, CAM340 powered by USB3.0 only. Sometimes CAM340 cannot work normally. How can I do?

Select “Isochronous” in the “USB Data transfer model” on PTZApp, it will improve the compatibility for the connection to Mac system.

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What to do if CAM340 video stream gets flickering?
Update the firmware of CAM340, the flickering issue has been resolved in the new firmware. Need more help? »» Contact us
What does the pop-up screen which shows a flashing power connection issue means?

It means the unstable power supply may influence the function of CAM340, please plug-in the AC adapter to CAM340.

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Does VC520 have function like manual focus?

Please adjust the camera focus on the PTZApp as below:

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I use the video conference software and it gets VC520, but no image, what is the problem?

Please check any other software which occupies the camera.

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