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What are the software based Video conferencing system that the VC520 supported?

Skype™, Microsoft® Lync™, Google Hangouts™, FaceTime, Cisco® Webex®, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Blue Jeans, Zoom, Vidyo, Fuze, WebRTC, V-CUBE™, LiveOn, IC3 cube, Meeting Plaza, TrueConf.

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Why the image is so bad, it looks like no HD quality?

For Full HD support, please check with your software application provider for system/hardware requirements.

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Call/Hang up button on remote controller is available for only Skype? Is it available for other application?

It is only available for Skype and Lync.

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Could AVer USB Camera integrate with any joysticks?

The VC520+ / CAM520 / CAM530 supported VISCA, so the joysticks need to have RS232 port.

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What is the USB or HDMI extender?

AVer recommend the ATEN products as below.

  1. UE2120
  2. UEH4002
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