One-touch hybrid collaboration with Zoom Rooms

Smoothly turn any space into a virtual meeting room. Zoom Rooms supports wireless sharing and interoperability for SIP/H.323. Seamlessly experience the easiest way to hold meetings, share content, and book meeting rooms by signing into Zoom Rooms.

AVer solutions consistently create a great meeting experience

AVer offers two different solutions for all your meeting room size needs. The VB130 Kit and VC520 Pro2 Kit seamlessly integrate into huddle/small rooms and mid-to-large rooms respectively. You connect people across the hybrid workplace and run professional meetings with quality audiovisual performance through AVer solutions.

VB130 Kit
VC520 Pro2 Kit

SmartFrame provides safe and smooth meetings

Fully automatic camera control. AVer advanced SmartFrame functionality follows and frames participants, even with masks. Easily make hybrid collaboration efficient and smooth with SmartFrame.

Audio Fence and Beamforming technology upgrade audio performance

Improved Audio fence completely blocks unwanted noises outside the viewing area. Beamforming technology precisely picks up sounds and delivers exceptional audio quality to every corner of the room. Get rid of disturbance at work and enjoy an uninterrupted and attentive meeting.

2nd 4K camera optimizes whiteboard content sharing

The 2nd camera enhances real-time discussion and content sharing by covering more space in the room. Immediately deliver ideas created with the whiteboard to any remote participants. Start a synchronous discussion with the 4K compact camera.

Note: Content camera is available in advanced kit. Please contact local agency for details.
Note: Whiteboard mount is an optional accessory.

Versatile speakerphone configuration fits into any meeting space

VC520 Pro2 speakerphone supports either up to 2 expansion speakerphones or up to 4 expansion full duplex microphones. Save space on your desk and in your meeting room by mounting speakerphones to the ceiling. Experience balanced and quality audio with flexible and versatile speakerphone configurations.

Note: Expansion speakerphone and microphones are not included in the package.
Note: Please refer to the expansion speakerphone/microphone configuration before purchasing these devices.

Full Duplex Microphone Array
Daisy-chain Speakerphone

One Cable connection to simplify the setup process

4K video bar VB130 simply requires a single USB cable to activate and install. Keep your desk space organized and start meetings in seconds with the VB130.


Download the Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms on Windows brochure & Datasheet(PDF) below.