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What is AVer “Make Friends”?

Echoing United Nations' International Day of Friendship, AVer initiated “Make Friends” campaign in 2015 for students in different countries to get to know each other via video calls, to share life experiences and cultures with each other. Moreover, the video conferencing camera CC30 is provided by AVer for free.

In 2015, there have been 8 schools in UK, Poland, South Africa, Armenia, and Taiwan accomplished “Make Friends”. In 2016, AVer donated some CC30 units to 10 different schools in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Poland, and Taiwan who participated in the “Make Friends” event in hopes to help more students and schools increase their interschool and international experience.
In 2017, AVer will not only continue to host “Make Friends” events, but also provide schools with advanced service, including buy 1 CC30 get 1 international school for free after registering serial numbers online, connection test, topic planning, etc. to reduce schools’ burden of finding international schools and proceeding distance learning courses. Teachers will focus more on innovative teaching, motivating students, and inspiring their global thinking and viewpoints.

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AVer CC30
  • November 17: Pakkred School, Thailand
  • November 22: Vietnam-American International School, Vietnam
  • November 24: School №548, Russia
  • November 29: Chongqing Junior High School, Taiwan

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AVer's distance learning systems (video conferencing cameras) are a budget-friendly offering with an all-in-one package, providing best price-to-performance value for education. The AVer CC30 is the next-generation USB video conferencing camera designed especially for classrooms and education purpose.

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