Camera Modules

AVer’s Camera Modules and our network of Solution Providers will set you up for success in Integrated Solutions.

AVer micro designed Ultra 4K Camera Modules give you the accuracy and quality resolution you need to capture your target audience. Built with AVer’s award winning innovative spirit and quality, these camera modules will meet your camera needs and surpass your expectation of what a micro camera is. The Ultra 4K Camera Modules are created to be user friendly and their versatile applications help you achieve a win-win solution for your integration needs.

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Support Your Marketing Activities with Customized 4K/8K Camera Modules

Internet of Things (IOT) is playing a larger and larger role in our society and micro-sized camera modules are becoming increasingly more important for effective implementation of IOT solutions. AVer’s Micro Ultra 4K Camera Modules are here to address this role. With a versatile line-up of complete off-the-shelf series models available you will be able to find the solution that fits, but if you need something special AVer is happy to customize our modules to meet your needs. We take pride in providing customers with the product they need, down to the finest detail, for each project and achieving perfect integration with your product.AVer’s micro camera modules help to fulfill your requirements for capturing and linking images, industry 4.0 strategies, and IOT for big data analysis.

What are the possibilities?

AVer has successfully implemented customized camera modules into Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) and various digital signage products. Our current enthusiasm in the development of AI analysis software has led to a buildup of strategic alliances with partners of similar applications. Our partnerships allow us to provide numerous customized hardware and software solutions for our users.

The Smart Vending Machine - Perfect Your Marketing Promotions

Never before has the ability to gather customer analytics been at our finger tips. AVer’s camera module embedded into a vending machine and integrated with AI recognition software can allow for instantaneous customer recognition. This innovation allows numerous marketing benefits such as: strategic marketing material to be promoted to the user, customer base recognition and analysis results, and customized recommendations of a product purchase.
Gain the competitive advantage of being able to target your market like you never thought possible.

The Smart ATM – Secure Accounts and Target Your User

Embed your ATM with an AVer Camera Module to enhance the security level of accounts with recognition capabilities or customize the advertisement displayed on the screen for the target user based on age or gender.

Explore New Business Opportunities with Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage with embedded AVer Camera Module can detect body gestures. Customers can try on virtual clothes or other products without ever needing to change clothes and immediately see the results. Furthermore, data can be collected from the body language of customers during this session to see what your customers really like!

More Possibilities and Applications for AVer Camera Modules

  • Facial Recognition

    Gender/Age/Emotion Analysis

  • Security Monitoring


  • Enhanced Marketing Data and Analytics

    Product Positioning and Customer Behavior Analysis

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